oh my butterflies

curse Jennifer McGuire and her evil enabling ways. Now, before you get your fuss on, I am NOT saying she’s evil, because she’s so not… but darn if every time she posts a video my savings account takes a hit.

So much so that I stopped reading her blog on a daily basis — too much damage, and after some time I thought I had developed some willpower.  I was wrong.

Not mere moments after linking up her you tube channel on a thread on the SC message board about using distress inks, I sat down and start watching and before long I was in the car and driving to archivers for a stamp set.

So what was the video that broke me down — Jen using her copics in a speedy way.  I could blame it on the fact that my copics have sat unused for a couple of months and if you know copics you know that’s a serious investment to not use.  As I hit play I thought it’s ok, I won’t need the stamps I have plenty of stamps, I will be strong.

I will be strong

oh no butterflies…

I need more butterflies(um, no) and away I went…

and home I came with…

and  coloring I did and before long my desk was covered with beautiful colorful butterflies…

some I covered with a think coat of glossy accents and others with liquid pearls — oh so pretty.  Now I just need to put them to work on some projects.

Come back tomorrow to see where they land.


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10 responses to “oh my butterflies

  1. Those are gorgeous! Run with passion girl – don’t fight it.

  2. I don’t blame you! I have copics…not many but a few and I hardly used them. I will have to check this video out and hopefully get inspired again to use them and unfortunately buy more! Those are drop dead gorgeous butterflies. Great job!

  3. sylv

    LOL…you’re funny!! Luv those beautifully colored butterflies….can’t wait to see the finished project!

  4. Love the stamps and that was fast!!!!!

  5. She is an enabler that is for sure!!!
    Love those gorgeous butterflies, can’t wait to see the projects that you put those onto!


  6. Kelly McGarry

    Hi!! WOW what beautiful butterflies! I know those copic markers are dangerously addicting! I have collected a few tooo many. The new basic grey kioshi line has gotten me in trouble this month. Lets get together and scrap soon! Hope you are doing well!

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  8. These are just beautiful!!!!!!!!! Worth buying the supplies for I think!

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