oh my butterflies part 2

So now I have a desk full of beautiful stamped butterflies (see yesterday’s post if you don’t already know how they got there) but my mojo is tapped so I once again turn to Jennifer and start lifting her card design from the video.

Before long I had a set of my own — good thing I had some cuttlebug embossing folders on hand — no doubt from a previous purchase made after a McGuire video/blog post

and a close up of each since I can’t pick my favorite

It’s a little hard to tell in these photos, but these butterflies also have a touch of glitter to make them extra sparkly

last but not least…

I made 6 of these and still have more butterflies to play with, where will they land next?


Filed under altered projects, Stamping

7 responses to “oh my butterflies part 2

  1. Mary Kay

    Those are beautiful! They make me want to craft…

  2. Jen

    These look so great. What amazing talent!

  3. oh.my.goodness. they are all fantastic!

  4. LOVE the butterflies. (and jennifer, too!) these are fab. you can always tell them to fly over here if you want to get rid of them 🙂

  5. Leslie D.

    Beautiful butterflies and love your cards.

  6. Love your cards, Christyn! The butterflies are so beautiful! 🙂

  7. Keshet

    These cards are so fun! And they look so pretty all clustered together in a group like that! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog:)

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