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Gravity 101

Ok, so I am the last person to be talking physics — I successfully avoided taking that course through high school and college.  But even this non-science girl can understand the basic concept that ‘what goes up must come down’.  It’s the method of the down that can really be interesting.  Especially when in the form of rides at amusement parks.

In this month’s kit from Studio Calico there was a paper with roller coasters.  At first glance I wasn’t sure what to do with it, then my brilliant friend Houston suggested that I use it to document an adventure I had as a kid.

And so I did…

Supplies: Studio Calico Kit:Joyland; Patterned Paper: Studio Calico, Sassafrass; Alphas: Cosmo, BG; Embellishments: K&Co, Tim Holtz, Jenni Bowlin, Studio Calico

I know the journaling is a little hard to read, so here it is for your reading enjoyment

…On this day I just didn’t expect that the down would come on my own power. After all the thrill of a roller coaster is always the down. As a kid in the mid-80’s, a day at Elitch’s was the highlight of the summer. As soon as the gates opened we were off on our own and headed towards the roller coasters. First stop – ‘The Wildcat’ an old wooden roller coaster.  We waited in line until we could ride in the best seats at the front. we buckled in and soon the coaster began it’s climb up the first big hill, one chink at a time. Once we reached the top, we stopped, just as you might imagine a stop to build anticipation for the down.  Only this stop was anything but normal, seconds turned into minutes and minutes turned into eternity (at least in the mind of this 12 y/o). Soon we saw Elitch’s employees who had walked up the hill beside the coaster.  It was broken and we would have to walk down!  Down the narrow pathway lined with wooden slats all of the sudden the hill seemed twice as big, but we did it. Scary step by scary step. You might think I would be scared of roller coasters after that, but if anything it’s the complete opposite.  I learned a valuable lesson that day — even the scariest fears can be overcome. So I still make my way to the highest, fastest ride in the park and wait my turn to go down that first big hill.

And that my friends was a life defining moment.


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Project 12 March

I’m a bit behind — good thing I’m not in this challenge for the prizes. Although this month’s prize were packs of Thickers and if ever there was a prize that was worthy of a deadline that might be it. Too bad I didn’t remember that before I went back now to grab the link.

I used a Studio Calico sketch from last week, so behind on that too, although not as behind as normal on the sketches.  You know I’ve never met a sketch that I didn’t love.  Takes the mental work out for me and frees the creativity.

I’d say this one turned out more of a direct lift than use of a sketch and that’s because the original was just so awesome there wasn’t much more I could add.

So here’s my take:

Supplies: Studio Calico Kit-Joyland; Patterned Papers: Crate Paper, MME, Sassafrass, BG; Cardstock: Bazzil, Coredinations; Alphas: Jillibean Soup, BG; Embellies:Pink Paislee, AC, MME

I love the pleated twill ribbon from pink paislee, I decided to cut it down the middle so I could make the most of it.  I used one half for the flower

and the other half as part of the title along with an AC flower.

Maybe I should get started on April now so I know I’ll meet the deadline — just in case Thickers are on the table again.


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Dear Mr. Dyson,

I can see that your super proud of your cyclone technology, your fancy ball and now even your nifty hand dryers that are popping up in public bathrooms everywhere.  All great accomplishments, but you see I have a little problem that stands between me and developing a love for a vacuum cleaner, and trust me if you fixed this, I would love my vacuum.  Ok, maybe not love, but at least stop pretending that it’s broken and learn how to spell the word — a good start yes?

So here’s my problem, I bought your animal vacuum and here’s what happens…all the dirt gets sucked up, but the dog hair well it just goes here…

and every other week I have to get down and cut it all out.  Not my idea of a fun time, it’s a total pain in my ass. So perhaps you should go back to your little lab, turn on your fancy fans and get to work developing a brush that not only picks up, but actually does something with the hair.

Yours truly,



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The magic of the download

It’s true, I take a lot of photos of little S every time we’re together. I could analyze and rationalize all of the reasons with words, but when the photos are downloaded and you come across a gem like this…

no explanation is necessary. While not technically perfect from a photography standpoint,  I love the side profile and her intense concentration on the rain hitting the water.

Yesterday might not have been the perfect day, but we headed out to the Botanical Gardens anyway, hoping the clouds and threat of rain would keep the crowds away. The threat turned real and the rain started misting, but that didn’t slow her down, I think she maybe had more fun in the rain.

Here are a few other pictures since I know my mom will appreciate them…


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Get your slushies ready…


Oh yes we did! We made it through four long, crappy TV filled months. When Fox heartlessly yanked Glee away from us oh those many months ago, we thought would never make it.  Well, we did it! For me I used lots of blog stocking and hallelujah for TIVO and saved episodes to get my singing and dancing fix.  And now that it’s meer hours away I can barely contain my joy.

Being a natural worrier though, I can’t help but wonder will it live up to my expectations?  I mean 4 months is a long time to ponder…

Ponder about things like…

Is Will going to make good or bad choices? Our Emma is a fragile girl, if he makes bad ones which I pretty sure he will I can’t imagine what that will do to Emma and her already crazy self.

Not much in the blogosphere that I’ve been reading about Quinn and the baby, will she keep it? Will there be a number in the Labor and Delivery room.  I can see Puck singing Stevie Wonder’s ‘Isn’t she lovely…’

Madonna, Madonna, Madonna

Kurt and Mercedes as Cheerios…how’s that going to work

and all of the things the lovely Jane Lynch refers to in this video

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Welcome to Monday

a new week…the sun is shinning, birds are chirping(both start to dang early in the morning if I’m being honest)  I should be raring to go, but instead I’m feeling icky and really really warm.  hmm could it be the flu I’ve so carefully avoided all winter has snuck up on me now?  I suppose only time will tell.  In the meantime I’m going to try to go through the regular routine

like mamma always says “Fake it til’ you make it‘.  Ok, so maybe my mom doesn’t say that but surely someone’s did and that was one smart mamma.

It was a great weekend, I spent Saturday scrapping with the most talented group of crafters, seriously the list of design teams, pubs and accolades for this group is probably a mile long. So, so glad I stepped out of my sheltered box and went to a similar group oh those many years ago.  The group continues to grow and change, but the talent never stops.  Check out the amazing Liz Qualman’s blog for a better recap and photos.

I came home with 3 finished layouts and once I get them photographed and posted there will be no doubt who I was sitting next to and what can I say, some of her style rubbed of on me, as it does every time we’re together.

Yesterday was a chore day, which I decided to pretty much ignore in favor of sitting on the porch and reading an entertaining book, Bulletproof Mascara, about a clandestine organization determined to make to world a better place for women around the world under cover of a cosmetics company. I’ll never think of Mary Kay makeup in the same way again.

Speaking of reading that brings me to the layout for the day, you didn’t think I’d have you read all this and not have something crafty to share, did you? Ok maybe you did since I do have a history of rambling, but not this time.

Love this picture of my nephew Connor ‘reading’ , a great reminder that a love for reading starts at a young age.

What was the last book you read? Feel free to share even the cheesiest of romances, because well, I’ve probably read them too, unless they’re historical or involve vampires, I just can’t go there with you, but I won’t judge, I promise.  How could I, I just read something called Bulletproof Mascara.

Happy Monday.


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Pity Party Part II

I have another unloved layout to share with you, but first a little AI vent (I tried really hard to write this without spoiling it for my DVR friends, but if you’re a purist or an AI hater you might want to skip ahead…)

I swear this was the year I was going to give up watching this show, every year some one I love goes home long before their time.  I didn’t watch the auditions or much of Hollywood week, but I tuned into the first real show and I saw these seriously talented ‘kids’

and one of these two was in the bottom two…WRONG! I wasn’t really happy about the other person in the bottom 2 either as he would make up my preferred Top 5.

SO who should go, well just about any of the others, I haven’t bothered to learn their names instead I made up nicknames. In order of how I’d like them to go…

1. Lost Jonas Brother

2. Pretentious Girl

3. The youngin’

4. Weird Girl

5. Paula Abdul dude (ok I have learned his name)

Thank goodness for new rules…

Ok now back to the regularly scheduled programming, another layout unloved by Memory Makers

I loved the grey and pink combo, you can’t really tell from the photo but the letters are actually misted with some pink glimmer mist for a soft shade of glittery pink and some spritzes of mist other places.


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Good News, Bad News

I think I’ve written this post in my head about 50 times between last week and now when I’m finally getting around to posting.  If only I could have some sort of neuro to computer transmitting device this blog would get updated more regularly and no doubt the content would be quite humorous and maybe a little scary.

Things I’ve thinking about and just may show up at some point

* While I’m happy the robins have returned, I’m pretty pissed that one in particular decided that the tree right outside by bedroom would be his morning song perch and that this particular robin thinks 4:30 am is the appropriate time for a song and social networking

* At Easter, someone suggested my brother in law become a teacher because he’s good with kids and “it’s a cush job” and then turns to me and says ‘no offense’.  Well OFFENSE taken anyway. And he wonders why I call him Mike instead of dad, and only talk to him when my sister ambushes me.

* My aha moment about hoarding collecting of scrapbook supplies, I think I’m going to wait a bit to see if the ‘aha’ turns into long term change

The original plan for this week was going to be a pity party/rejection series for the layouts I sent to f&w for an upcoming Memory Makers Idea book.  Given my history of rejection I was pretty sure I was safe, but then…

At the last minute(ok 2:30 but they’re on the east coast) of notification day I got word that they wanted a layout — but the original email didn’t say which one.  STRANGE. I spent the weekend fretting what if they pick the one where I used a sears portrait, totally forgetting I would need to have authorization to print the photo.

Yesterday I got an email with more specifics — they chose 3 layouts and not the one I fretted about phew! So excited as this will be the first publication of my scrapbook work.  Sadly I can’t share the layouts they chose, you’ll have to wait for the book to come out.  But we can now have a pity party for the layouts that didn’t get chosen.

Of the 7 I sent this layout was tied in my head as a favorite, they chose the other favorite, maybe they’re afraid and rightly so that the banner craze will be over by the time the book comes out…

Studio Calico Kit: Whodunit Patterned Paper: AC, Alpha: Basic Grey, Embellishments: Maya Pins, Jenni Bowlin journal sticker


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Adventures with toddlers…

When I had a class full of these creatures one of my favorite memories was dying easter eggs, after 10 years I’d forgotten the clean-up and potential mess quotient.  So when S spent the day with me last Saturday we were on a mission to dye eggs. She was already a veteran of the egg dying process having done the same thing with her Nana the day before, but that didn’t stop her from having fun this time around.

I love the look of concentration on her face in the picture above and below it’s hard to contain a smile looking at the joy and wonder on her face.

By the end her hands were dyed a lovely combination of blue and yellow and the carpet well, there’s just a wee little greenish tint in one little spot after a little accident cleaning up.


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