Adventures with toddlers…

When I had a class full of these creatures one of my favorite memories was dying easter eggs, after 10 years I’d forgotten the clean-up and potential mess quotient.  So when S spent the day with me last Saturday we were on a mission to dye eggs. She was already a veteran of the egg dying process having done the same thing with her Nana the day before, but that didn’t stop her from having fun this time around.

I love the look of concentration on her face in the picture above and below it’s hard to contain a smile looking at the joy and wonder on her face.

By the end her hands were dyed a lovely combination of blue and yellow and the carpet well, there’s just a wee little greenish tint in one little spot after a little accident cleaning up.


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2 responses to “Adventures with toddlers…

  1. Have you tried dying brown eggs? Much better colors – they come out in almost jewel tones… had to share because it’s hard to find anyone excited to dye eggs here. (sigh)

  2. What a little CUTIE patootie! Love these fun shots too!

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