Good News, Bad News

I think I’ve written this post in my head about 50 times between last week and now when I’m finally getting around to posting.  If only I could have some sort of neuro to computer transmitting device this blog would get updated more regularly and no doubt the content would be quite humorous and maybe a little scary.

Things I’ve thinking about and just may show up at some point

* While I’m happy the robins have returned, I’m pretty pissed that one in particular decided that the tree right outside by bedroom would be his morning song perch and that this particular robin thinks 4:30 am is the appropriate time for a song and social networking

* At Easter, someone suggested my brother in law become a teacher because he’s good with kids and “it’s a cush job” and then turns to me and says ‘no offense’.  Well OFFENSE taken anyway. And he wonders why I call him Mike instead of dad, and only talk to him when my sister ambushes me.

* My aha moment about hoarding collecting of scrapbook supplies, I think I’m going to wait a bit to see if the ‘aha’ turns into long term change

The original plan for this week was going to be a pity party/rejection series for the layouts I sent to f&w for an upcoming Memory Makers Idea book.  Given my history of rejection I was pretty sure I was safe, but then…

At the last minute(ok 2:30 but they’re on the east coast) of notification day I got word that they wanted a layout — but the original email didn’t say which one.  STRANGE. I spent the weekend fretting what if they pick the one where I used a sears portrait, totally forgetting I would need to have authorization to print the photo.

Yesterday I got an email with more specifics — they chose 3 layouts and not the one I fretted about phew! So excited as this will be the first publication of my scrapbook work.  Sadly I can’t share the layouts they chose, you’ll have to wait for the book to come out.  But we can now have a pity party for the layouts that didn’t get chosen.

Of the 7 I sent this layout was tied in my head as a favorite, they chose the other favorite, maybe they’re afraid and rightly so that the banner craze will be over by the time the book comes out…

Studio Calico Kit: Whodunit Patterned Paper: AC, Alpha: Basic Grey, Embellishments: Maya Pins, Jenni Bowlin journal sticker


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4 responses to “Good News, Bad News

  1. You have one of those Dads too, eh? What does kill us makes us stronger – that’s the quote I put in my head dealing with my Dad.

    And we’ll have to talk about the collecting scrapbooking goods ‘ah’ moment – not sure what your revelation was, but I had one of those and realized that the collection is a form of therapy for me. I no longer fight it. Collect away, I say!

  2. Nicole Harper

    gorgeous layout…and congrats on the upcoming pubs!

  3. Cute layout, whether ‘they’ think so or not. and I love how honest you about your pity party. Most of us won’t say it, even when we think it. Congratulations on getting in!!!

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