Get your slushies ready…


Oh yes we did! We made it through four long, crappy TV filled months. When Fox heartlessly yanked Glee away from us oh those many months ago, we thought would never make it.  Well, we did it! For me I used lots of blog stocking and hallelujah for TIVO and saved episodes to get my singing and dancing fix.  And now that it’s meer hours away I can barely contain my joy.

Being a natural worrier though, I can’t help but wonder will it live up to my expectations?  I mean 4 months is a long time to ponder…

Ponder about things like…

Is Will going to make good or bad choices? Our Emma is a fragile girl, if he makes bad ones which I pretty sure he will I can’t imagine what that will do to Emma and her already crazy self.

Not much in the blogosphere that I’ve been reading about Quinn and the baby, will she keep it? Will there be a number in the Labor and Delivery room.  I can see Puck singing Stevie Wonder’s ‘Isn’t she lovely…’

Madonna, Madonna, Madonna

Kurt and Mercedes as Cheerios…how’s that going to work

and all of the things the lovely Jane Lynch refers to in this video

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