The magic of the download

It’s true, I take a lot of photos of little S every time we’re together. I could analyze and rationalize all of the reasons with words, but when the photos are downloaded and you come across a gem like this…

no explanation is necessary. While not technically perfect from a photography standpoint,  I love the side profile and her intense concentration on the rain hitting the water.

Yesterday might not have been the perfect day, but we headed out to the Botanical Gardens anyway, hoping the clouds and threat of rain would keep the crowds away. The threat turned real and the rain started misting, but that didn’t slow her down, I think she maybe had more fun in the rain.

Here are a few other pictures since I know my mom will appreciate them…


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5 responses to “The magic of the download

  1. She is the perfect subject – have no guilt – we love seeing her and your beautiful photography!

  2. Awwww. She is so cute and those tulips are gorgeous!!! Katie calls the Botanical Gardens the “Mechanical Gardens”. :o)

  3. exactly. no.words.necessary. this is great c.

  4. disa

    Love the yellow rain slicker. She is growing up so fast! Gulp!!

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