Gravity 101

Ok, so I am the last person to be talking physics — I successfully avoided taking that course through high school and college.  But even this non-science girl can understand the basic concept that ‘what goes up must come down’.  It’s the method of the down that can really be interesting.  Especially when in the form of rides at amusement parks.

In this month’s kit from Studio Calico there was a paper with roller coasters.  At first glance I wasn’t sure what to do with it, then my brilliant friend Houston suggested that I use it to document an adventure I had as a kid.

And so I did…

Supplies: Studio Calico Kit:Joyland; Patterned Paper: Studio Calico, Sassafrass; Alphas: Cosmo, BG; Embellishments: K&Co, Tim Holtz, Jenni Bowlin, Studio Calico

I know the journaling is a little hard to read, so here it is for your reading enjoyment

…On this day I just didn’t expect that the down would come on my own power. After all the thrill of a roller coaster is always the down. As a kid in the mid-80’s, a day at Elitch’s was the highlight of the summer. As soon as the gates opened we were off on our own and headed towards the roller coasters. First stop – ‘The Wildcat’ an old wooden roller coaster.  We waited in line until we could ride in the best seats at the front. we buckled in and soon the coaster began it’s climb up the first big hill, one chink at a time. Once we reached the top, we stopped, just as you might imagine a stop to build anticipation for the down.  Only this stop was anything but normal, seconds turned into minutes and minutes turned into eternity (at least in the mind of this 12 y/o). Soon we saw Elitch’s employees who had walked up the hill beside the coaster.  It was broken and we would have to walk down!  Down the narrow pathway lined with wooden slats all of the sudden the hill seemed twice as big, but we did it. Scary step by scary step. You might think I would be scared of roller coasters after that, but if anything it’s the complete opposite.  I learned a valuable lesson that day — even the scariest fears can be overcome. So I still make my way to the highest, fastest ride in the park and wait my turn to go down that first big hill.

And that my friends was a life defining moment.


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2 responses to “Gravity 101

  1. Whoa! Love your journaling! I would have peed my pants having to do that – you are a brave girl!

  2. I so love the vintage feel of this and that journaling – perfection.

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