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The Doilies Are Done!

hooray, after a few weeks of work and many glue dots later, this project is finally done.

It was by far the most labor intensive crafting endeavor I have taken on in a long, long time (ok, I’m not sure I’ve done anything quite like this ever) but the results? oh the results! totally worth it.  Much thanks to Christine M for conducting this series!

Here they all are in their happy little home…

oh did you say…

you wish you could see them without the glare of the glass? no problem

what? you want a close up of each one?

#1#2#3 This one now has a pretty hambly butterfly too#4#5#6#7#8#9#10#11#12#13#14  I think this one is my favorite…#15

and finally #16

wow did you make it all the way down here?  mega brownie points for you…


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or what may just be the most boring I’ve ever written.

If you ask my coworkers and friends I’m a pretty accountable/reliable person. Always ready to jump in at a moment’s notice to do whatever.

All that jumping makes a girl tired and the personal stuff just gets pushed to the side and only bits and pieces get done and the rest just piles up.  So here I have 2 glorious weeks to myself and I plan to tackle those mountains.

To hold myself accountable I made a list of the things I hope to accomplish and you my lovely readers can cheer me on and hopefully by July 12th the whole list will be crossed off.

Also taking volunteers to help with any of the following:

  • Call Comcast and figure out why they’re not playing nice w/my Tivo
  • Clean porch — dump broken dog kennel
  • Paint dining room table
  • Paint side table I rescued from the dumpster
  • Clean fridge
  • Clean car
  • Purge master closet (if you don’t hear from me for a couple of days, send help I may have suffocated by being attacked by old sweaters)
  • Hang new curtains
  • Make new pillows
  • Change lightbulbs
  • Send maintenance requests for all the little things
  • Wash windows
  • Finish doily project
  • Scrap everyday
  • Blog more…

Phew, I’m exhausted just making the list.  Time for a snack…

On another note…Jessica Sprague is so thoughtful to hold one of her free classes on my summer break…hybrid cards.  Very excited!  Looks like a great class, I think you can still sign up. But hurry…it started today and it might be the last day you can register.

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Ain’t too proud to beg…

yep I’ll admit it…

I’ll beg

even make a fool of myself…

but after much thought I really, really want to selected to be on Crate Paper’s DT.

Unlikely, I know… since they already have amazing talent, but I know I’ll kick myself all summer if I don’t at least try.

So, one of the requirements is a love of all thing Crate Paper hello? have you met me? Ok since most of you haven’t, I prepared this lovely video to permanently and publicly profess my love for this paper, hopefully it will make up for a little bit for my squeaking my submission email in just before the deadline.

A little disclaimer:  I know there were a number of fabulous lines between Avenue and Lilian, that’s when I was working at the store and Mary Kay can vouch that I made a sample with just about every one — in fact I may have been slightly (ok more than slightly) territorial whenever a new line hit our store.

Disclaimer #2 Sorry for the poor lighting, wouldn’t you know a big old Colorado thunderstorm rolled in right as I was starting and poof went my usually good light.


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There’s something rotten in the state of Denmark

or maybe just my kitchen…am I the only one who thinks in Shakespearean quotes from time to time?  I hope not.

That really doesn’t have anything to do with the blog post for today other than I’m ignoring the kitchen for just a few more minutes to capture several things I’ve been “meaning to” write about for a while.

First up a little shout out to my card club girls — nope not the poker playing type of cards although I’d be open to a group for that too.  Instead of full houses and straights this group focuses on all things crafty.  So nice to spend an hour or two and have a set of cards ready to give away.  Here was my card for the month, inspired by the awesome Dawn Mcvey

up next the great doily project continues, I’m up to #13 in this series of incredibly detailed mini collages,  I’ve been having a blast working on one or two a night and slowly building the finished project.  Now that the end is in sight, I’ll have to start thinking about where to hang it.  Here’s a quick preview…

among the things I’ve learned…SC fabrips are mistable, I have enough scrapbook supplies to last into the next millennium but that doesn’t stop me from wanting more, popdots can be a girl’s best friend.

Finally a little weekend recap, Houston and I ventured into the Poudre Canyon west of Fort Collins to meet up with Heather at Mishawaka for a Brandi Carlile concert.  So Mishawaka is billed as an amphitheater so I’m thinking of a small version of Red Rocks or for my Northwest friends the Gorge…not so much.  Really a biker-esque bar with a large patio.  Not that I’m complaining, small venues are great and I know it’s only a matter of time before Brandi and the boys get super big and play those venues. Once that happens our ability to get close to the stage will be gone…how close?

this close…

sorry no photos of the band from this angle, as soon as I whipped out the Nikon to take this picture Mr. Security guard came over to give me a warning to put it away or have it taken.  Pout.  So you’ll just have to trust me that it was a PHENOMENAL show.

Ok I think that’s it, now time to deal with the kitchen.


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fast and fabulous?

does 4 days count as fast?

I suppose that depends on what we’re talking about. Returning a beautiful shirt to Nordy’s because it had a hole in it and them searching the country for a like item and one showing up from California in 4 days…well that’s pretty fabulous. Kudos that Nordy’s still has a hold on the vanishing art of customer service.

For a scrapbook layout to submit for a call for layouts made in less than 30 minutes? maybe not so much.  I wonder if anyone really makes layouts in 30 minutes, I sure don’t but the secret I think is making them look like they could be done in 30. So on the eve of the eve of the submission deadline this month I set out to make a layout that would meet the requirements.  Umm…maybe this girl should not wait until the last minute, now there’s a novel concept.

So I picked out my papers…that alone is a good portion of 30 minutes

and then the extras…another 20 minutes

not feeling it…went to bed

came back next day…still no mojo

the next day, I cut…and re-cut… adhered a few pieces

and it sat waiting for just the last little bits and voila four days later…

needless to say I missed the deadline, which is fine since I’m not sure even after 4 days if I love it.

The good news, I did submit another layout for the same call and it did get picked up. Yay!

Happy weekend!


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Don’t you just love it…

when the universe intervenes and sends a message you definitely need to hear via an unexpected medium. I’ll be honest I was feeling a little sorry for myself this week — another month with no layouts picked up and car trouble.  Along comes Christina Kane’s weekly email, so glad I took the time to read instead of simply scan as I usually do.  Since I know others might struggle with some of the same issues I thought I would share here.


9 Immutable Laws of Not Taking Things Personally
by Christine Kane

I always tell people that there’s nothing like the entertainment business to teach you how to not take things personally!

Really though, there’s opportunity in EVERY business to get this same lesson. It’s all about learning to live as a creator, and not as a reactor.

In my work, both as a coach and as a coachee, one of the common challenges is about not taking things personally. That’s because moving forward, getting bigger, and living your dreams require that you step out of the petty concerns of your small self. You simply can no longer afford to waste that kind of energy and attention.

So, here are the 9 Immutable Laws of Not Taking Things Personally. Let them guide you to bigger places in your world!


A well-loved acronym, this stands for “Some will. Some won’t. So what? Someone’s waiting!”

It means that some people will love what you do.

Then there will be those who look at your work, read your poems, review your resume, visit your store – and they’ll shrug and say, “Yea, not so much.”

So what?

Somewhere out there someone is waiting for your gift. And if you have to keep working on your craft, or wait a little while, that’s okay!

2 – Know your “Why.”

This is what entrepreneur Sheri McConnell’s upcoming book is all about.

Your WHY is your deeper motivation. Your WHY is your guideline. Your WHY will help you dismiss the minor petty things that try to hold you back. If you don’t know your WHY, it might be time to get clear.

3 – Remember that people are busy.

People are busy.

Don’t sink into resentment when a single email isn’t answered. It’s not personal. Many times, it’s just that people don’t have time to answer every email. We all have a lot on our plates. It’s not personal if you have to try someone twice or three times! (Revisit #1.)

4 – Email is instant. Use accordingly.

The rapid pace of our culture has removed much of the etiquette that some might normally expect. Most people just “fire off” email without thinking.

If you get an email that hurts or feels personal, take some time to chill out. Then re-read the email in a kind voice. Be careful with the temptation to over-dramatize someone else being in a hurry.

5 – Begin each day with presence.

How you begin your day sets the tone for the day.

Learn to start your day by getting centered with creative and proactive activities. Some possibilities: meditation, yoga, going to the gym, writing down goals and intentions, visioning your day in advance. Start with a strong foundation each day.

6 – Eat enough. Sleep enough.

Being tired or hungry will make you more sensitive or irritable. Don’t try to function well in these draining conditions.

7 – The power of lists.

Are you hoping for the ONE BIG THING that will be your “saving grace?” This is a veritable petri dish for taking things personally! (um, guilty!)

Examples: Applying for a scholarship to one single program. Submitting your article off to one magazine. Waiting to hear back from one single new client.

There’s a better way. Before you send yourself out into the world – be it resume, grant, publication – make a list of many options. Then, move down the list if someone says no. Find the someone who’s waiting.

8 – Shut up and listen.

When you quietly listen, you may actually see humor in how you can take everything so personally.

When you’re in a conversation with someone else, stop and listen. Really deeply listen. Try practicing this first in everyday conversations that aren’t emotional. This will prepare you for more highly charged situations.

9 – Communicate without Emotion.

Do you use phrases like this?

– “Well, you’re the one who…”

– “You took that all wrong!”

– “You ALWAYS do that!”

– “I’ll NEVER make it!”

Notice that this language is laced with drama and blame.

Language is a very powerful tool. Learn to use words that aren’t about the emotions and pointing fingers.

“I didn’t communicate this well so let me try again.” (I might need this tattooed on my forearm)

“I’m not sure I understand you. Can we discuss this on the phone?”

Learn to take a “Here’s the facts ma’am” approach. Write out your desired outcome for the conversation. Get clear inside yourself, and then talk with the other person.

The required blurb so I can share…

Christine Kane is the Mentor to Women Who are Changing the World. She helps women uplevel their lives, their businesses and their success. Her weekly LiveCreative eZine goes out to over 12,000 subscribers. If you are ready to take your life and your world to the next level, you can sign up for a F.R.E.E. subscription at


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It’s the little things

I don’t get this message very often when I spell check my posts, so when I do a happy dance usually follows.

I’d love to rationalize that I would see this message more often if WordPress learned some key scrapbooking words, but alas I think my typing skills are the true culprit.

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