fast and fabulous?

does 4 days count as fast?

I suppose that depends on what we’re talking about. Returning a beautiful shirt to Nordy’s because it had a hole in it and them searching the country for a like item and one showing up from California in 4 days…well that’s pretty fabulous. Kudos that Nordy’s still has a hold on the vanishing art of customer service.

For a scrapbook layout to submit for a call for layouts made in less than 30 minutes? maybe not so much.  I wonder if anyone really makes layouts in 30 minutes, I sure don’t but the secret I think is making them look like they could be done in 30. So on the eve of the eve of the submission deadline this month I set out to make a layout that would meet the requirements.  Umm…maybe this girl should not wait until the last minute, now there’s a novel concept.

So I picked out my papers…that alone is a good portion of 30 minutes

and then the extras…another 20 minutes

not feeling it…went to bed

came back next day…still no mojo

the next day, I cut…and re-cut… adhered a few pieces

and it sat waiting for just the last little bits and voila four days later…

needless to say I missed the deadline, which is fine since I’m not sure even after 4 days if I love it.

The good news, I did submit another layout for the same call and it did get picked up. Yay!

Happy weekend!


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5 responses to “fast and fabulous?

  1. Mary Kay

    Woo hoo! You are rockin’ it! So glad your immense talent is being recognized. Which pub?

  2. Definitely time to see your beautiful work published – you go girl!

  3. KUDOS c. it’s all so worth it. you rock!

  4. Houston

    Yay for Nordy’s! I like the layout and of course HUGE CONGRATS!

  5. I absolutely do love this layout. You are too hard on yourself. Congrats too!

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