Ain’t too proud to beg…

yep I’ll admit it…

I’ll beg

even make a fool of myself…

but after much thought I really, really want to selected to be on Crate Paper’s DT.

Unlikely, I know… since they already have amazing talent, but I know I’ll kick myself all summer if I don’t at least try.

So, one of the requirements is a love of all thing Crate Paper hello? have you met me? Ok since most of you haven’t, I prepared this lovely video to permanently and publicly profess my love for this paper, hopefully it will make up for a little bit for my squeaking my submission email in just before the deadline.

A little disclaimer:  I know there were a number of fabulous lines between Avenue and Lilian, that’s when I was working at the store and Mary Kay can vouch that I made a sample with just about every one — in fact I may have been slightly (ok more than slightly) territorial whenever a new line hit our store.

Disclaimer #2 Sorry for the poor lighting, wouldn’t you know a big old Colorado thunderstorm rolled in right as I was starting and poof went my usually good light.


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5 responses to “Ain’t too proud to beg…

  1. OMGosh! I LOVE it!!!! They will surely pick you if they see THAT. :o)

  2. Mary Kay

    Yep, I can vouch– I think she actually got another staffer’s skin under her nails once, grabbing away the Crate.

  3. disa

    Too cute. You are hilarious!

  4. Houston

    I LOVE IT!!!

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