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A quick update

I’m alive, just barely if blood tests taken on Monday are to be believed (just kidding Mom!)  Just the normal stuff that can occur at 38 plus school starting in 3 weeks makes for a fun life right now.

I did manage to squeak out some time to do a guest blog post for my friend Rachel.  I know what you’re thinking ‘why is she writing on someone’s blog when she can’t hasn’t posted on her own in a couple of weeks?’  Sorry no good answers other than if you knew me in real life you’d know I’d do just about anything for a friend simply because they asked.

Anyway…here’s the final project and you can pop over to her blog to see the play-by-play…

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Back to life…

back to reality

back to work

back to real shoes (I know, the horror, I silently wept as I walk past my flip flops this am)

It’s a good thing this is a short week after two off, I’ve become quite accustomed to afternoon naps and reading trashy novels all day…if that’s not a motivation to put more into the retirement account I don’t know what is…

the good news:  I got just about everything on my   list accomplished.  Nearly every piece of clothing I own has been washed and the biggie—put away (I KNOW!) I learned that I don’t own enough hangers and the sad part even after throwing away 2 large trash bags of clothes I still barely squeaked by.

I think most of all I will miss being able to craft at random points during the day, even though the mojo disappeared after the first week it was still great to play whenever.

I think this is my favorite layout I did over the break

Look at that lovely Crate Paper love, love, love the aqua and red combo, and speaking of Crate, did you see the sneak for their new lines? Gorgeous!  It opened the DT rejection wound right up.

Love the look of the glimmer mist splotches with pearls so fun.  I’ve read lots of people wondering how to get the splotchy look with mists — here’s my favorite tip: open up the top and flick the tube over your paper—voila, perfect splotches.


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I’m going to count to 3

and every parent or teacher knows what happens next.

Luckily as the Aunt of this cute girl I don’t have to count that often because let’s face it your job as an aunt is to spoil kids, at least I’m pretty sure I read that in the ‘How to be a good aunt’ handbook.  But there are times when the educator in me has to draw the line and then she gives me ‘the look.’  The ‘you can’t be serious…I’m going to pretend you didn’t just say that…I’m storing up my breath for a major tantrum‘ look.  I know you know the one I’m talking about.

Patterned Paper: October Afternoon, My Mind's Eye; Alphas:AC, Girl's Paperie; Glimmer Mist; Basic Grey Stud

When I first opened this pack of alphas from Girls Paperie

for another title all the numbers kind of ended up in a bunch together and I knew I had to use them all together in some way so the idea for the page was born.

I think having all this time on my hands is really allowing me to play at bit more with textures.  When you only have an hour or two to scrap you don’t want to waste time waiting for paint to dry.  Not that I’m a waiter even with the extra time, pretty sure I brought out the embossing gun on this one. anyway…wasn’t to fond of the base paper I used so I decided to go to town covering it up, first a layer of mists — I think I used 3 colors here, then a little paint…voila new paper perfect for my layout.

A with that I’m off to spend a day with this precious one, cross your fingers we don’t get this look at all today.


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Help Me Ronda

disclaimer: family this is not an SOS call for our lovely and fabulous sister Rhonda, if so I would spell correctly

I believe that everyone in our life is there for some reason or purpose and I know the ‘Big Girl in the Sky‘ put the lovely Ronda Palazzari in mine for pure inspiration and encouragement.  Slowly but surely, after each scrappy time together a little of Ronda rubs off on me and my pages get better.  Here are a couple that definitely have that Ronda feel.

Patterned Paper: Crate, Sassafrass, My Mind's Eye; Bling: Prima; Ribbon: AC; Chipboard: Maya Road; Tape: Pink Paislee

I was lucky enough to have Ronda right next to me as I was working on the one above, it was almost done just a little something — more bling and some loopies.

and this one I just finished yesterday, Ronda is the queen of paint and mixed media.  Her’s always turns out looking perfect, mine not so much…but luckily for me along comes a tutorial on the SC Blog by Jenn O on turning splotches into digital brushes.  Jenn posted her samples on her blog to the share with the world and I am ever so grateful.

Patterned Paper: Crate Paper, Studio Calico; Tape: Pink Paislee; Digiart: Jennifer Olson; Mist:Tattered Angels

the purple block, the darker blue splotches and the grey circles are all digital art. I sprayed a little glimmer mist on top for some contrast and a little something else.  I think I’ve mentioned before that Ronda is responsible for my obsession with this wonderful product.  Before meeting Ronda I think I had 3 bottles (and one was a sample from CHA) and now, well thank goodness for Tattered Angel’s fairies and Archiver’s coupons because the bottle count is probably close to 20.

Another fun note about this layout even though you can’t really tell from the photo, the purple strips at the top and bottom as well as the tape holding pick and ticket are actually the same PP tape.  You can sand the pink paislee tape and a little of the design will show through — so fun


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And just like that…

half of my vacation is gone.

I know they’re supposed to be the lazy days of summer, but if they’re so lazy why do they fly by so darn fast?

I’ll admit there have been a few moments (ok, hours) of laziness, but I am still attacking my to do list and making some progress.  Here’s a quick update, after all the best thing about making a list is being able to cross things off, right?

  • Call Comcast and figure out why they’re not playing nice w/my TiVo I decided before I make the call I would re-cable the whole system and see if that worked and voila it did — added bonus: my cables are in a smaller heap than before and who knew I had an extra co-ax cable thrown in just for fun.
  • Clean porch — dump broken dog kennel So nice to stretch out the lawn chair and read.
  • Paint dining room table well 95% done, it’s now a lovely creamy white I just need to turn it upside down at some point and get the bottoms of the legs.
  • Paint side table I rescued from the dumpster $6 of spray paint never looked so good.
  • Clean fridge…this is today’s project
  • Clean car
  • Purge master closet (still a little nervous of the pack of wild old sweaters than have been allowed to roam free for years.)
  • Hang new curtains
  • Make new pillows…haven’t started but in the Jessica Sprague class we downloaded this cool set of vintage camera brushes and I’m oh so tempted to get some printable fabric and make a pillow or two with the prints.
  • Change light bulbs
  • Send maintenance requests for all the little things
  • Wash windows
  • Finish doily project
  • Scrap everyday — so far so good.
  • Blog more…well more is a relative term, right?

Not that it was on the list but I’ve also finished four books (cheesy romances all) and gone on a number of shopping excursions…and got my first serious sunburn of the season.  PSA…do not attempt to chat with funny people and apply sunscreen at the same time, you may miss a few important spots.

Speaking of scrapping everyday…here’s one of my recent layouts.  I was ready to share last week when I suddenly realized I misspelled Mountain…whoops.  Clearly I still had a doily hangover and the need to layer, layer, layer was in full effect.


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oh well…

so I didn’t get the call

no, not that call.(although with my dating history maybe I should be listening for that one too)

the crate paper DT was announced yesterday and my name wasn’t there. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t bummed.  I know I didn’t have much of chance so many talented folks were already in their network.  But I had a glimmer of hope and now I’m just thinking of the Brandi lyric “Just when we thought we could be great, reality it permeates…”

I could spend the time wallowing and thinking about what I could have, should have done differently or I could read my own post (ok not really my words, but Christina Kane’s) and move on — accept that this wasn’t my time. Since it’s just a 6 month term, I can hold on to my glimmer of hope and start making kick ass samples for the next go round.

On the happy side, my buddy Ronda DID make the team so I can continue to beg her for her leftovers.

As for today, there is much crafting to do…

I put the finishing touches on a layout I started a few weeks ago.  My first layout with the June Studio Calico kit. Nothing like waiting for the last-minute...


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