oh well…

so I didn’t get the call

no, not that call.(although with my dating history maybe I should be listening for that one too)

the crate paper DT was announced yesterday and my name wasn’t there. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t bummed.  I know I didn’t have much of chance so many talented folks were already in their network.  But I had a glimmer of hope and now I’m just thinking of the Brandi lyric “Just when we thought we could be great, reality it permeates…”

I could spend the time wallowing and thinking about what I could have, should have done differently or I could read my own post (ok not really my words, but Christina Kane’s) and move on — accept that this wasn’t my time. Since it’s just a 6 month term, I can hold on to my glimmer of hope and start making kick ass samples for the next go round.

On the happy side, my buddy Ronda DID make the team so I can continue to beg her for her leftovers.

As for today, there is much crafting to do…

I put the finishing touches on a layout I started a few weeks ago.  My first layout with the June Studio Calico kit. Nothing like waiting for the last-minute...


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8 responses to “oh well…

  1. Mary Kay

    Oh, no– sorry, Chris. I hope they discover their oversight in six months!

  2. Houston

    I love the way this layout turned out, so very cute with the pinkish trails behind the planes! Crate doesn’t know what they are missing out on… truly they don’t.

  3. You keep trying – someone is bound to not resist your talent. I have no doubt you are consistently among the finalists. And love this LO once again – keep sharing – you inspire sop many of us!

  4. Oh, Christyn, that is too bad. They are missing out on one terrific person. I’m so happy for Ronda, and hopefully they’ll decide to add another amazing Colorado gal to their team in 6 months.

  5. Your layout is beautiful! And I get rejected from stuff all the time and it’s so hard. I try to remind myself that it’s not personal. It’s about what they were looking for and perhaps that means there’s something even better waiting for me down the road! An opportunity I couldn’t have taken if this one hadn’t fallen through!

  6. Christyn – it’s just a matter of time before they snap you up. You’ve just got to keep trying!!
    Love your kit layout – I’ve barely touched mine and need to get going before the next one arrives.

  7. i ADORE that page. the planes – perfection!

  8. I wish you were among the list! You are so talented. I hope you keep submitting!

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