Back to life…

back to reality

back to work

back to real shoes (I know, the horror, I silently wept as I walk past my flip flops this am)

It’s a good thing this is a short week after two off, I’ve become quite accustomed to afternoon naps and reading trashy novels all day…if that’s not a motivation to put more into the retirement account I don’t know what is…

the good news:  I got just about everything on my   list accomplished.  Nearly every piece of clothing I own has been washed and the biggie—put away (I KNOW!) I learned that I don’t own enough hangers and the sad part even after throwing away 2 large trash bags of clothes I still barely squeaked by.

I think most of all I will miss being able to craft at random points during the day, even though the mojo disappeared after the first week it was still great to play whenever.

I think this is my favorite layout I did over the break

Look at that lovely Crate Paper love, love, love the aqua and red combo, and speaking of Crate, did you see the sneak for their new lines? Gorgeous!  It opened the DT rejection wound right up.

Love the look of the glimmer mist splotches with pearls so fun.  I’ve read lots of people wondering how to get the splotchy look with mists — here’s my favorite tip: open up the top and flick the tube over your paper—voila, perfect splotches.


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7 responses to “Back to life…

  1. Beautiful LO, Christyn. I love the color combo, as well! The weekend is almost here so you will be able to enjoy a little time off again – in your flip flops. Have a super “rest of the week”!

  2. red and aqua is also my favorite color combo : your LO is totally adorable. and the new CP collections … they are to die for !!!!

  3. Nothing worse that putting shoes on after 2 weeks of flip flops – a short week softens to blow,though 🙂
    Now, that layout…love it! I love the mix of splotches and dimesional items. And thanks for you splatter tip. I see you used Tattered Angels and I have a ready supply of that stuff. Wasn’t sure if Maya was the only way to achieve the look. Glad it’s not.
    Yes, the new Crate lines are gorgeous. Those new CP Girls are mighty lucky.

  4. beautiful layout! I cry about not being able to wear flip flops too!

  5. so gorgeous!!! and dang. i’d be missing the flips, too!! glad you had a good vacation. =)

  6. i can see why that’s a favorite! adorable!! hard to get back in the swing of things, isn’t it? good luck with that!

  7. Glad you had a good break. I love your LO!

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