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If I were a hacker…

or the webmaster for the Broncos website this is what it would look like today

Seriously, I’m still recovering from yesterday’s loss.

I logged in to see what McBaby had to say and was forced to watch an ad for Broncos gear…earth to marketers no body is buying anything after a game like yesterday.

If anything you’ll have to send out freebies.

And McBaby he’s PATHETIC…his response ‘Simply we’re good enough”  Not good enough? Seriously? That’s the best you can do…try We suck, no body’s getting paid this week. I’m resigning…and dump the hoodie dammit.

I think there’s still more vent in me, but this will have to do for now. I promise more crafty goodness later in the week.


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is thing still on…

I know it’s been awhile and the reasons range from pathetic laziness to true heartache and everything in between.

with a summer like mine, it’s easy to question your place in the world, but…

The good news…it’s a beautiful fall day and the tide is definitely changing at least I hope so. Positive outlook…right?

One of the things that kept me close to the edge of sanity was the pool.  It seemed as soon as I jumped in the craziness of the day would wash away.  I decided to make a quick layout about that experience to remind myself that everything is temporary.

Here’s to getting back on track and regular blog posting…wish me luck!



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