And just like that…

the first week of 2011 is done and we’re moving on.

How are those resolutions doing?  Going down the One Little Word route instead?  Either way I hope you are successful in your endeavors.  I have a couple of small things and one really BIG thing this year to conquer.

One of the small ones — put my layouts safely AWAY — not just in a stack on a shelf.  Here’s what the stack looked like on New Year’s Day

I’m happy to report that all of these gems are in page protectors and on their way to an album, I’m sure you’re not shocked to learn that these didn’t fit in an album.  Can I just say how much I hate to buy albums?  There’s so many choices and well let’s face it for the money you can buy LOTS of other lovely things.

The BIG thing is being a whole and healthy human.  In the past 4 months I have lost 45 pounds — and have many more to go.  Have no fear my crafty friends this will not ever be a diet blog.  I just felt the need to share and reach out to those that might be struggling like I was.  It just starts with small steps and before you now it you’re at the front of the Zumba class and your workout clothes are the first thing to go in the laundry each week.  I just read a great article that now has a corresponding website — great points on why the battle is so tough.  Check it out if you need a little motivation:  Being healthy is a revolutionary act.

Sorry I don’t have anything more crafty to share, but come back on Friday for the reveal of my monthly Tattered Angels projects.  I am so in love with one of them…

In the meantime,  here’s a little more fun from New Year’s Eve, created by lead man Sean Kelly — if you look carefully you’ll see me smiling like a teenager.




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3 responses to “And just like that…

  1. 45 lbs! Way to kick some serious buns, girl! I’ve been there and know first hand – awesome!

  2. Disa

    Congrats! I lost 30 lbs myself. Very liberating! Stick with it. I’m so happy to read your blog and you know how much I love your pages! Happy New Year!

  3. Mary Kay

    I watched ’til I saw you. Woo hoo. You’re inspiring me…

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