Three cheers for happy accidents…

I swear this is straighter in real life, at least I hope so.

This is one of those pages that came about as a happy accident.  If you were paying close attention to my peek post earlier this week, you might have noticed it in the collage.   Something was missing at that point.  When in doubt break out the mist, I admit even for me it takes a big batch of confidence to mist on a completed layout…but I decided to try anyway.  Oops, the first try didn’t quite work out how I planned.  I thought I was going to have to start all over and in frustration ripped the top half of the layout off.  And then it hit me I can just mist a separate piece and stick it behind.  Love that the torn edge gives a snowy look to the layout.  Ta-Da!


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5 responses to “Three cheers for happy accidents…

  1. Happy mistakes can lead to some great LO’s!!!

  2. roxane

    Another great layout! It is lovely!

  3. JJ

    Brilliant! It looks like that was your plan all along!

  4. Disa

    I love that you use different letters on your titles. You do it on almost all of your layouts. It’s like one of your signature things. Fabulous!

  5. Marti

    I love this LO, Christyn!!!!

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