Way #1278 to freak out the dog aka Photo Challenge Days 3-5

it’s no secret that Tanner is a little sensitive, so I knew it was going to be a challenge to get him to stay still for the ‘take a photo from a high angle’ shot.  Poor guy it’s not everyday you see mom stand on a chair with her camera.  Here’s his first reaction…pretty sure he’s saying ‘woman, you have lost your f’-in’ mind’

Lucky for me he is a dog, so can be bribed – after a little reassuring therapy and a milkbone he cooperated a bit more.

Confession time –  According to the challenge I was really supposed to do this type of shot yesterday – but I got mixed up and thought it was a ‘take a photo of whatever you please day’ which was convenient since I was on a beautiful hike outside of Lyons yesterday.  My shot for the day  was this one of Long’s Peak and the Ralph Price reservoir

Last but not least – the day 3 challenge a photo of your favorite place to be…I have lots of favorite places – my bed, my craft room, the trails around my neighborhood, but for today I thought I do something a little bit different.  I love live music and have really been trying to make an effort to get more of it into my life this year.  So for this one I took an iPhone – hipstamatic photo of one of my favorite local bands – the 6 Million Dollar Band.  If you are in the Denver area and love 80’s music these guys are a MUST see.so there you have it – 5 days, 5 photos.  Time to think of something creative to take a picture of from a low

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