ready, set, go

So I’m searching for my creative mojo – it’s in deep hibernation after a long and stressful school year.  I started by trying to organize and purge some of my stash.  It never fails that I find something buried deep in the pile that I just love and can’t bear to part with.  This round it was the Earth Love line from Cosmo – at least a year maybe two old – so instead of putting it back on the shelf to see if can survive the next round of purging I decided to put it to use with a challenge.  1 hour to make as many cards as I could with it and the rest goes in the give-away bin.  So how many card can a mojo challenged crafter like me make in an hour.

The answer — 7! Not the fanciest or most challenging, but 7 cards in an hour is pretty good if I do say so myself.

What can you do an hour with some old items from your stash?


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