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All About Tags Part 2

I did it – I finished all 12 tags! Feel so accomplished – I wish that I could frame them all together, but alas I actually used two from the early set on gifts and I pretty sure it would be poor form to ask for them back.

Lots and lots of wandering from the Timmy trail on this set, hopefully you can see some of the inspiration…as with previous post Tim’s original is on the left (or maybe top if wordpress isn’t playing nice)

Tag #7

Tim busts out the glassine paper for the holly leaves – oh so tempting, but out of my price range.  I think the combo of forest green and apple glimmer mist get close to the original

Tag #8…A steam punk christmas? Very Tim. not so much me – so I set out with the though of using non-christmas items and kind of love how it turned out.  I used Bubble Light Green and LED Red Glimmer mists for the background.

Tag # 9 Double Embossing, oh my

This is my friend umbrella man, he’s been in my stash for a while just waiting for the right project.  I thought it would be fun to try him out here, he has a healthy dose of glassy accents on him.  One of my favorite tips from this process is heating up twine to set in curls – very important to use a wood pencil to wrap – not plastic (I’m just saying) A funny side note – every time I look this stamp, Eminem’s song Cinderella Man pops into my head and a walk around for a while singing umbrella man, umbrella man.

Tag #10

I have read and intended to try packing tape photo transfer method forever – go figure it’s this tag that finally gave me the push I needed.

Tag #11

No shrinky dinks in this house or apparently glossy cardstock – what’s a girl to do.  Thankfully HP was nice enough to include some glossy presentation paper with my new printer (however -no photo paper, even though it’s a PHOTO printer, grr) so that’s what I used. It’s been about 100 years since I’ve worked with glossy cardstock and in the process of working on this tag I remembered why I don’t – pigment ink never dries – even when heat set so hence the smeared snow flakes- nothing a little embossing powder won’t fix.

Last but not least, Tag #12


oh the temptation to go out and buy Tim’s Tissue tape, I’ve held it in my hands on several occasions, but the price $15.99 is just too steep – so I turned to my handy dictionary – I think I’m known at my neighborhood Goodwill store as ‘Dictionary Girl’.  I decided to use a red distress stain behind the tag and then adhered the dictionary paper with gesso.  Then I covered the whole thing in 3 coats of chandelier glimmer glam.  The reindeer and snowflakes come from prima’s mistable canvas line – these packs are super fun – you can use mist or ink, this guy is covered with walnut distress ink and then coated with glimmer glam.  Snowflakes are misted with blue skies glimmer mist and coated with glam.

Phew what a project, feels great to get these completed – now what to do until next year rolls around.




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All About Tagging

no, not this kind of tagging

or this kind…

this kind

Yeah I know Christmas is over, I actually started this at the beginning of the month – I have witnesses.  I am determined to do all 12 tags for the first time.  So far I’m about half way – which is 5 more than any other year – with the goal to be finished before winter break is over.

Some notes – I was determined to do this with limited new investment – I only bought one stamp set and the kraft christmas paper. I did everything else with supplies on hand (granted those supplies are vast considering I have bought tons of stuff in the past with the same intention.)

They’re so pretty all together as a family – don’t you think



Tag # 1 Tim’s original (as if you couldn’t tell) on the left


Tim made his pine cones with paper and a die cut – I used the old fashioned way, took my bootie outside and picked a few


Tag #2…This is one of my favorites, I was shocked to find that there were no reindeer to be found amongst my supplies so I used this lovely sparrow cut with a cricut and given a glitter bath.  To get the beat up metal trim look I punched a border and the covered the cardstock with glimmer glaze and then overheated it – when you over heat it starts to bubble – which usually frustrates me to no end but for this project it was perfect.

Tag #3 – Here’s where the witnesses come in – I took this baby to card club and everybody made one


So I know what you’re thinking – that looks nothing like the original.  True, but the name of the game here is inspiration and since i had none of these supplies on hand I decided to use the technique of creating a custom ink pad.  I first misted some plain card stock with Snow Queen glimmer mist and then created my own rainbow ink pad using stampin up reinkers and cut and dry foam.  This technique has been around 100 years, but is was the first time I tried it and I loved it.

Tag #4

Again another off road version.  I used a small shipping tag, glimmer mist and screen to create the background. It’s a little hard to tell from the photo but the snowman is extra sparkly because he has a chandelier glimmer glam bath

Tag #5

I dug deep into my supplies and pulled out some old fragments and a quickkutz die for the earth – but that wasn’t even the oldest supply on the tag – that Karen Foster transparency has got to be 5+ years old

I was on a roll with these first few, doing within a day or two of when Tim posted – then the reality of mid December hit.  I had a scrapbook to finish as a gift for a friend (ahem, I hope she liked it), work got crazy and well I have never been one to start shopping too early, plus I was in a bit of a fix for what to do for the next tag –

Tag # 6
So Tim had this fancy metal paper – so not in my stash.  I was a little frustrated, I thought I might have some silver cardstock, but no luck – I thought I was going to have to breakdown and buy something or skip it.  In a last ditch effort, I asked my favorite scientist if he might have some metal flashing in his ‘workshop’.   He saves the day with a can of Red Bull, believe it or not when you remove the top and the bottom a perfect sheet of aluminum goodness is ready for your crafty pleasure. Scientists are great, because of the different way they think about things – every one should have one in their life.  Sorry Tim, but I hate the postcard image so I decided to use a snowflake embossing folder, then paint and do a little sanding so the metal would peek through.
There you have it, Tags 1-6.  Be on the look out for the last set soon.


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