Right Now 1/16/12…

•enjoying: a three day weekend

•thinking: it really sucks to have a leg injury just as I was primed to ramp up exercise regime

•eating: sweet potato nachos

•drinking: water, baby, lots and lots of water

•wearing: yoga pants and sweatshirt (don’t judge it’s a holiday)

•listening to: Somebody I Used to Know Gotye

•wanting: a set of fairy godmothers like sleeping beauty has to cook and clean my house, make me a kickin’ dress wouldn’t be bad either

weather: Sunny, but if mercury and weather reports are to be believed snow is hiding just over the mountain range

Favorite Pin of the Week:


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5 responses to “Right Now 1/16/12…

  1. love that quote!
    you have had a very busy blogging January. awesome!

  2. Sorry about your injury – sounds like the perfect day, otherwise! 🙂

  3. if you find a fairy godmother send her sister my way! LOL! i will pay in scrappy supplies 🙂

  4. Oh I want to know how to make sweet potato nachos, yuuuummmmm!!

  5. OUCH. hope you heal fast. I LOVE that you’re blogging again. I just do.

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