You are what you eat…

and I used to eat a lot

I’d eat when I was hungry

I’d eat when I was bored

I’d eat when I was lonely

I’d eat when I was sad

I’d eat when I was happy

I’d eat just because and then one day about a year and a half ago I woke up – thanks to a not so gentle prod from the doc and looking at pictures like this

This battle is one of Tolstoy-esque proportions, epic in nature, one I fight every day, but the tides are turning



And like the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran (ok I know that hasn’t begun yet, but you know it will) victory is not judged by single event or photo, but the small foothold we gain each day. One of the Creative Jumpstart prompts was to journal and then paint over it.  I found this so liberating to take the truly personal parts of this love-hate battle, get the out and move on. I realize that I still have some distorted views of myself.  I don’t see  that much difference between the first photo and this one taken when Sienna and I went to see Santa last month


this one might be better, if only for the smirk on my face

but the other number don’t lie

71 lbs gone

Body fat reduced by 16%

Bicep strength increased by 48%

from 1 push-up to 20

Tricep bench dips ugh – to oh yeah bring them

So while the battle with numbers on the scale rages on, I’m confident I can keep going because


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3 responses to “You are what you eat…

  1. You are heroic and this battle is epic and you are unquestionably a champion. I can see the difference and you are much smaller – yeah you!) – but you have always been beautiful. ((hugs)) You inspire me in more ways than one.

  2. You are a brave warrior, indeed. It’s so easy to be critical of photos of ourselves, we all do it to some degree. I think the most important thing is how you feel inside and strength is a powerful good feeling, isn’t it? You’re wonderful as you are!

  3. wow. Christyn I am truly in awe. You are so awesome. Strong is the new skinny for sure and damn it, you are brave and so impressive. Thanks for sharing this. I am so inspired.

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