Right Now 1/23/11

*enjoying: new acrylic paint set and brushes

•thinking: about new women’s group I was invited to be part off – totally excited and a little nervous

•eating: well it was going to be a steak,  but silly me left it out to rest on the counter and walked away and Mr. T decided to help himself

•drinking: still water

•wearing: at this very second, yoga pants and a T, but thinking about tomorrow -thinking skirt and fun sweater

•listening to: Stoker Ace, Lovage – warning this is a seriously spicy song, darn iTunes and their links it’s track #15

•wanting: Tim Holtz big alterations case, it had no appeal until I saw it in person – so perfect for mixed media supplies I’ve been picking up lately

weather: Warmish and windy

Favorite Pin of the Week:  If I win the lottery and marry a european prince so I can have a beautiful apartment on the upper east side I think this would be perfect

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