Right Now…3/5/12

enjoying: my dear friend Ronda Palazarri’s book –  Art of Layers – if you don’t have it you should buy it now

what are you still doing here? I’m serious, buy it right now – there’s nothing in this post better than this book.

•thinking: about state assessments that my kiddos take this week and hoping they do well

•eating: graham crackers

•drinking: gingerale (yep. recovering from a nasty stomach flu)

•wearing: make that hoping to wear – some sandals, it’s supposed to be warm a couple of days this week – then again feet aren’t really in ‘public viewing shape so I may need to rethink that

•listening to:  Shake It Out Florence + The Machine

•wanting: nothing, ok really there was a pair of jeans at the Loft I liked, but life is pretty good right now and I should just enjoy it

*weather: sunny and windy and finally warm!

another pinless week – I’m shocked too

Hope you have a great week!

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