The Back Story on this Blog

Hey, it’s just little old me trying to make a place for myself and others like me who are obsessed paper crafters and love to share their work.  If italics, improper use of ellipses, random run on sentences and general conversational writing bother you well…this is NOT the blog for you.  On the other hand if you can look past the convention and mechanical grammar errors and you love all things paper, welcome!

Comments are like chocolate to my soul please leave them when you can, unless of course they are related in some way to male enhancement, if so you should probably keep that to yourself.  I’m just sayin’

URL is that way because when I first started this blog oh so many years ago, I had just made a major life change and moved from Alaska to Colorado and this blog started out as way to keep my mother and others up to date on my life.

‘And I was like…’ title comes from my inability to hold a conversation without saying those words, I blame it on watching too much Fast Times At Ridgemont High and other 80’s classics where valley speak ruled the day.  It’s sadly stuck.

Thanks for reading a little bit of background, until next time…

“Be excellent to each other.”

One response to “The Back Story on this Blog

  1. Well my 2nd final is completed…students are preparing there final luncheon…I have a few moment to breathe so I’m reading your blog…I’m loving your blog 😉

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