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Guest Posterooo

So pleased to write a guest post for the Cocoa Daisy Blog that appeared last week – on one of my favorite topics – stamp organization.  Here’s a syndicated version in case you missed it

I love acrylic stamps – especially those from here at Cocoa Daisy – but storing them can be a bit of a challenge. At first I kept them with kits, but found I would forget about them or they would get lost, then I started storing them in a basket but would waste time looking through for the stamp I wanted. So about two years ago I had some scrap transparency paper lying around and the idea for making stamp books was born. Over the years I have experimented with different ways of assembling, I think this is the best version yet.

Here’s what the finished product looks like and then I’ll walk you through the steps.

Step 1: Get ready. If you’re a messy scrapper like me, this first step is the hardest – clean your workspace

Gather supplies:

2 pieces of chipboard 4.25×5.75

4 pieces of patterned paper 4.25×5.75

10 pieces of white cardstock cut 4.25×5.5 (or 8.5×11 cut into fourths)

20 pieces of acetate cut 4.25×5.5 (or 8.5×11 cut into fourths)


Pretty stuff to decorate cover

Binding mechanism – I use bind-it-all and wires. You could easily use the jump rings that come with the chipboard in the Daisy Boutique


Step 2: Adhere your patterned paper to the chipboard, those of you that are afraid of naked chipboard might want to paint the edges here.

Step 3: Assembling the book. The interior of the book alternates acetate and cardstock – with 2 pieces of acetate (your stamps will go between these two) for every one piece of cardstock. So starting from the back of the book and work forward – layer:

I piece cardstock

2 pieces acetate

1 piece cardstock

2 pieces acetate

and so on

Once you’ve got the acetate sandwiches made stack the covers on top and punch holes for binding

Step 4: Bind that bad boy – if your using a bind-it-all or some other type of coiled wire binding one of my best tips is to stack the back of the book on top of the front – back inside cover up. This way the seam of the coil is hidden on the inside

Step 5: Decorate the cover – I happen to love the quote on the packing cards so I used it.

Step 6: Label and store. Stamp the image (I use black Memento ink) on the white cardstock. You can usually get a few stamps on each page if you plan ahead. Now your stamp is ready for it’s new home – place the stamp on the acetate aligning with your stamped image on the cardstock page. *A quick note some stamps you have to put the front side down to align with the image, this is totally ok, the acetate protects both sides.

Voila you’re done, easy peasy right? Be warned once your stamps are this easy you may find yourself just turning the pages and aahing over how beautiful they are, just remember the point is to use the stamp. If you have any questions feel free to send me a message through Daisy mail.

Happy organizing!


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Right Now…3/5/12

enjoying: my dear friend Ronda Palazarri’s book –  Art of Layers – if you don’t have it you should buy it now

what are you still doing here? I’m serious, buy it right now – there’s nothing in this post better than this book.

•thinking: about state assessments that my kiddos take this week and hoping they do well

•eating: graham crackers

•drinking: gingerale (yep. recovering from a nasty stomach flu)

•wearing: make that hoping to wear – some sandals, it’s supposed to be warm a couple of days this week – then again feet aren’t really in ‘public viewing shape so I may need to rethink that

•listening to:  Shake It Out Florence + The Machine

•wanting: nothing, ok really there was a pair of jeans at the Loft I liked, but life is pretty good right now and I should just enjoy it

*weather: sunny and windy and finally warm!

another pinless week – I’m shocked too

Hope you have a great week!

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Alec Baldwin is Not Alone

I’m addicted too

addicted to Words with Friends, it’s often how I start my day and often end it too

how about you? ready to get your words on?

Quick scrappy tip – I love these thickers, – I want them in every color, sadly I can only find them in grey, but Tim Holtz Distress Stain to the rescue…voila, red thickers with cool pattern


– I want them in every color, sadly I can only find them in grey, but Tim Holtz Distress Stain to the rescue…voila, red thickers with cool pattern

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Right Now…2/26/2012

Right Now…2/26/12

*enjoying: longer days with light after work

•thinking: about the busy week ahead and how thankful I am to have friends at work to help me through

•eating: roasted garlic hummus with snap peas and carrots

•drinking: water

•wearing: new zumba shoes that help me salsa with ease

•listening to:  “The Sound of Settling- Death Cab for Cutie a little old, but makes me happy

The Sound of Settling

•wanting: To see Death Cab with the orchestra in April

*weather: sunny and windy

Sorry,  no favorite pin this week – no time


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Wednesday Layout

Quick page with a silly photo – my friend Arleigh always gives me a hard time about not scrapping my own stories so this one is for her

All goodies from the January Cocoa Daisy Kit except for film strip.


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Right Now…2/13/12

*enjoying: Yoga – I never thought I would be mature enough to turn the brain off and tune in the body, but I finally found a class and a teacher that I think I can be successful in.

•thinking: My leg f’in hurts, good thing I’ve found my place in yoga land, cardio is going to be questionable this week with a tweaked knee that is swelling as we speak.  PSA – Remember that Icy Hot is not a lotion that you should use the extra on other parts of your body – just sayin’

•eating: Nothing fancy, home made taco salad

•drinking: Elvis Protein Shakes – 1 Scoop Protein Powder (I use Vanilla), 1 TBSP Peanut Butter, 1 Banana, Coconut Milk, a little sprinkle of mocha powder, yumm-o!

•wearing: a new pair of jeans in a new smaller size!

•listening to: old school Beastie Boys – Intergalactic has never failed to make me smile, there is a cosmic force that influences radio play for it to come on as I’m driving to work on a day that I anticipate issues or sometimes on the other end after a bad day


•wanting: a studio space like this

weather: snow, again, grr…

Favorite Pin of the Week: Awesome doodles on a Starbucks cup

Hope you have a great week!

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The Cure…

A little fun with my January Cocoa Daisy kit and a photo from my trip to South Beach last October.  I love living in Colorado, but there are some days I really  miss being near the ocean, there’s nothing quite like the soothing rhythm of the waves rolling in and out.

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