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One Little Word 2012

I’ve been following the one word resolution for a couple of years.  Last year my word was discover – and discover I did: new places, new friends, and some abilities I didn’t know I had.

For 2012 my word is STRENGTH – I want to be stronger in so many areas of my life and I think this might just be the year to do it.  To remind me to live my word, I created this canvass to place on my nightstand, it’s the first thing I see in the morning (provided I don’t knock it over when hitting the snooze button) and the last thing I see at night.

I introduced my trainer to the One Word concept and she loved it, really how could you not?  She chose a word as well and as a little thank you for the constant cheerleading and pushing towards my goal I mad a similar card for her.

Both pieces are on watercolor paper (had to dig deep in my stash for that) with glimmer mist, screen and water-color pencils(yep, had to dig for those too). Looking back over my limited work from the past year or two, I realized I really missed my handwriting so I am going to try to incorporate that more this year.

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All About Tags Part 2

I did it – I finished all 12 tags! Feel so accomplished – I wish that I could frame them all together, but alas I actually used two from the early set on gifts and I pretty sure it would be poor form to ask for them back.

Lots and lots of wandering from the Timmy trail on this set, hopefully you can see some of the inspiration…as with previous post Tim’s original is on the left (or maybe top if wordpress isn’t playing nice)

Tag #7

Tim busts out the glassine paper for the holly leaves – oh so tempting, but out of my price range.  I think the combo of forest green and apple glimmer mist get close to the original

Tag #8…A steam punk christmas? Very Tim. not so much me – so I set out with the though of using non-christmas items and kind of love how it turned out.  I used Bubble Light Green and LED Red Glimmer mists for the background.

Tag # 9 Double Embossing, oh my

This is my friend umbrella man, he’s been in my stash for a while just waiting for the right project.  I thought it would be fun to try him out here, he has a healthy dose of glassy accents on him.  One of my favorite tips from this process is heating up twine to set in curls – very important to use a wood pencil to wrap – not plastic (I’m just saying) A funny side note – every time I look this stamp, Eminem’s song Cinderella Man pops into my head and a walk around for a while singing umbrella man, umbrella man.

Tag #10

I have read and intended to try packing tape photo transfer method forever – go figure it’s this tag that finally gave me the push I needed.

Tag #11

No shrinky dinks in this house or apparently glossy cardstock – what’s a girl to do.  Thankfully HP was nice enough to include some glossy presentation paper with my new printer (however -no photo paper, even though it’s a PHOTO printer, grr) so that’s what I used. It’s been about 100 years since I’ve worked with glossy cardstock and in the process of working on this tag I remembered why I don’t – pigment ink never dries – even when heat set so hence the smeared snow flakes- nothing a little embossing powder won’t fix.

Last but not least, Tag #12


oh the temptation to go out and buy Tim’s Tissue tape, I’ve held it in my hands on several occasions, but the price $15.99 is just too steep – so I turned to my handy dictionary – I think I’m known at my neighborhood Goodwill store as ‘Dictionary Girl’.  I decided to use a red distress stain behind the tag and then adhered the dictionary paper with gesso.  Then I covered the whole thing in 3 coats of chandelier glimmer glam.  The reindeer and snowflakes come from prima’s mistable canvas line – these packs are super fun – you can use mist or ink, this guy is covered with walnut distress ink and then coated with glimmer glam.  Snowflakes are misted with blue skies glimmer mist and coated with glam.

Phew what a project, feels great to get these completed – now what to do until next year rolls around.




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Syndicated from Tattered Angels Blog

Developing and implementing systems that work, is a big part of what my friends call my ‘big girl job’, but systems don’t have to stop when 5 o’clock comes around.  I love that Tattered Angels partnered with some great companies to come up with paint systems that take the guess-work out of color matching and still leave lots of room for the creative process.

This month I used the Pink Paislee/House of Three Favorites Glimmer Mist Set. The set includes the  Starfish, Apple, Sugar Maple and Patina(one of my all time favorite colors) glimmer mists. I love how versatile these colors are…

For my first layout, I misted Starfish and Patina on some lovely Lily bee grid paper to create a springy background, then I combined with some great Basic Grey paper and other embellishments that all came in the September Cocoa Daisy kit to make this fun spring page.


Up next a quick vacation layout,  I used the Patina and a torn piece of cardstock to create a wave like effect on the kraft paper and the Apple as a background for my photo block. I also used the Patina to mist the Making Memories butterfly that has been in my stash for ever.


It’s fall here in my neck of the woods, one of my favorite seasons to decorate my home. So for my final project I decided to create a home decor item. I used my cricut to cut a delicate tree out of plain white cardstock and then misted it with all the colors in the set.  I used my embossing gun to dry and burn the edges just a bit and then used some temporary adhesive to adhere to my hurricane vase.  Tie a ribbon, add a candle and some dried baby pumpkins and voila instant centerpiece.


Hope you enjoyed my projects this month, think you’ve got what it takes to be an angel? Check out the call for the 2012 team on the main Tattered Angels Blog today


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It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

yes that’s right — forget about kids jingle belling and caroling out in the snow.  This is the time of year when the whole world embraces glitter and we Angels can share our glittery goodness with the world…after all sparkles are what make the world go round.

Speaking of sparkles and glitter how about some monthly Tattered Angels projects…this month’s theme was glass or clear things.  Yet another new surface medium for me to play and experiment with.

First off a little disclaimer…my photography skills totally let me down this month and I’m sorry you have to suffer the consequences,  don’t know if it was the projects or my settings or just bad light but I had a tough time getting good photos…so sorry.

And now on with the show…how about a quick and easy card.

How much do you love Jack Frost from the Winter 2010 collection…it’s such a lovely blue.  If you were debating whether or not to get this one because ‘you already have so many blues’  take my word, you want this one, it’s got a little something special. So to make this I just took a piece of acrylic paper brayered on some Jack and then ran it through the cuttlebug and the snowflake embosser.  Quick stamp and a button and voila easy peasy holiday card in no time.

Next up… need a quick and easy gift for a co-worker or friend? Seriously who doesn’t love jewelry?  For this project I took a Tim Holtz fragment charm (the pack comes with lots of charms so you could make lots of these) and painted the back with a little Sugar Plum Fairy mixed with an acrylic medium for a strong color and a little adhesion power, stuck a piece of dictionary paper behind and then stamped with a floral spray stamp from the Tattered Textures set (ahem— just discovered this set is on sale now and it’s a BARGAIN, it’s one of the most versatile sets ever!) Added some ribbon and voila something really special.

Finally, I wanted a little extra sparkle for my mantle, so I whipped up a garland.

I filled some glass ornaments with Candy Apple Red and acrylic medium for a nice soft red. The medium also helps the mist adhere to the ball.

In between the balls I had some old acrylic snowflakes from another project hanging around so I covered them with Chalkboard White and a little Jack Frost, then edged with Shy Violet glitter glaze and dipped in glitter— oh how they sparkle.

Hope you all have a happy and healthy holiday season, I don’t know about you but I am ready for a new year to begin.


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…dive into the woods…

Leave the beaten track occasionally and dive into the woods. Every time you do so you will be certain to find something that you have never seen before. Follow it up, explore all around it, and before you know it, you will have something worth thinking about to occupy your mind. All really big discoveries are the results of thought.


I thought this quote by Alexander Graham Bell was especially fitting for this month’s Tattered Angels DT assignment — working with wood.  You see I’m not much a wood girl — unlike others who had wood items laying around to alter and play with, I had to make a trip to the Goodwill for find some gems worth of glittery goodness.  Jackpot! While these projects might not be a significant as Mr. Bell’s, I definitely enjoyed the journey and discovery.


First up — an ephemera box, seriously who couldn’t use a place for all the tags and miscellaneous fun items that seem to be taking the crafting world by storm.  Originally, this box was just a plain wooden box with some ‘inspirational’ words.  I decided to cover it with dictionary paper, and then misted the whole thing with Candy Red Glimmer Mist.  I used the frame from the Romance collection font misted with some black magic to highlight the word create.  A few stamps just for fun and voila a perfect little box.


Next up — A wooden tray, I bet you probably have one of these lying around.  This one had playing cards and dominos as a design element, and while I may be a card shark, that design doesn’t fit my home esthetic.  So I covered the inside with dictionary paper and coated with a mix of peacock chalkboard mist and turquoise blue glimmer mist.  Then I got my hands on some strips of wood veneer (go ahead raid the hubby/BF/Dad’s workshop they won’t notice it’s missing and I promise not to tell) I painted the strips with Espresso Bean Glitter Glam and cut into shapes of trees and branches and a couple more in meadow green glimmer mist for the base.  Punched some more dictionary paper that had been misted into flower shapes and started to glue.


Finally — my favorite find.  A wooden purse!  This is where the discoveries really started to occur. I tried all sorts of combinations of glimmer mist on the cover and finally settled on this combo of silver and sugarplum fairy for the base.  I added a resist tag with a great Chanel quote.  Top is off with a ribbon spritzed with Strawberry Shortcake and Sugar Plum fairy.  It’s a perfect place to store little treasures.


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A quick update

I’m alive, just barely if blood tests taken on Monday are to be believed (just kidding Mom!)  Just the normal stuff that can occur at 38 plus school starting in 3 weeks makes for a fun life right now.

I did manage to squeak out some time to do a guest blog post for my friend Rachel.  I know what you’re thinking ‘why is she writing on someone’s blog when she can’t hasn’t posted on her own in a couple of weeks?’  Sorry no good answers other than if you knew me in real life you’d know I’d do just about anything for a friend simply because they asked.

Anyway…here’s the final project and you can pop over to her blog to see the play-by-play…

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The Doilies Are Done!

hooray, after a few weeks of work and many glue dots later, this project is finally done.

It was by far the most labor intensive crafting endeavor I have taken on in a long, long time (ok, I’m not sure I’ve done anything quite like this ever) but the results? oh the results! totally worth it.  Much thanks to Christine M for conducting this series!

Here they all are in their happy little home…

oh did you say…

you wish you could see them without the glare of the glass? no problem

what? you want a close up of each one?

#1#2#3 This one now has a pretty hambly butterfly too#4#5#6#7#8#9#10#11#12#13#14  I think this one is my favorite…#15

and finally #16

wow did you make it all the way down here?  mega brownie points for you…


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