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Way #1278 to freak out the dog aka Photo Challenge Days 3-5

it’s no secret that Tanner is a little sensitive, so I knew it was going to be a challenge to get him to stay still for the ‘take a photo from a high angle’ shot.  Poor guy it’s not everyday you see mom stand on a chair with her camera.  Here’s his first reaction…pretty sure he’s saying ‘woman, you have lost your f’-in’ mind’

Lucky for me he is a dog, so can be bribed – after a little reassuring therapy and a milkbone he cooperated a bit more.

Confession time –  According to the challenge I was really supposed to do this type of shot yesterday – but I got mixed up and thought it was a ‘take a photo of whatever you please day’ which was convenient since I was on a beautiful hike outside of Lyons yesterday.  My shot for the day  was this one of Long’s Peak and the Ralph Price reservoir

Last but not least – the day 3 challenge a photo of your favorite place to be…I have lots of favorite places – my bed, my craft room, the trails around my neighborhood, but for today I thought I do something a little bit different.  I love live music and have really been trying to make an effort to get more of it into my life this year.  So for this one I took an iPhone – hipstamatic photo of one of my favorite local bands – the 6 Million Dollar Band.  If you are in the Denver area and love 80’s music these guys are a MUST there you have it – 5 days, 5 photos.  Time to think of something creative to take a picture of from a low

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30 Day Photo Challenge Day 2…What to Wear

so my car broke down this weekend – on the canyon with little one in tow – not so fun, but as they say every cloud has a silver lining.  In this case, it forced me to stay home on Memorial Day and I took the time to do A LOT of laundry and clean my closet.  The result almost everything in my wardrobe was available to wear this week.  So today’s photo challenge ‘a photo of what your wore’ was an easy one – out came my new favorite summer dress and black cardy some cute black sandals too sadly I couldn’t figure out how to get them in the shot.

How about a little craftiness for a bonus…here’s a layout I did last month for Tattered Angels wedding theme. I hand painted the bottom of this Pink Paislee Paper with Tattered Rose Glimmer Mist and a little Olive Garden Glam. The rest of the paper is misted with Cherub Pink.  If you are looking for a good pink mist to add to your collection look no farther than Cherub – just the right balance of brightness and shimmer.

Speaking of mist did you know that this month in Tattered Angels land the design team is showing off fun projects made with the Color Connections lines from Pink Paislee and Tattered Angels.  I am working with the Parisian Anthology set…so much fun I can’t wait to show you my projects. Be sure to check out the Tattered Angels Design Blog for great work from the other girls.

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Return of the Living Dead

Ta-da — to steal a line from Emily. Here I am, here I am

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged, I’ve even given thoughts to hanging it up all together, but here I am giving it another shot.  Ronda gave me a little boost in the arm with this challenge it’s my goal to do this AND blog about it throughout June (hey I see you in the back placing bets on how long it will last, stop it, stop it now)

First up – the dreaded self portrait.  I’m not particularly fond of pics of me and even less so when I take them myself but a challenge is a challenge and you know I am a competitive girl.  In fact I couldn’t stop at one – oh no- I had to take about 40 to be sure.  Here a few of the good ones…

Ready for Zumba!

argh stringing hair - now you know why it was pulled back


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Rainy day blues

I’m not usually one to complain about the rain and cooler temps, but after 3 days of nearly non-stop rain I find myself craving the sun, looks like I’ll have to wait at least one more day to get my wish. So in the meantime, I’m editing and printing photos of sunnier days like this one…

this is Tanner with two of his best buddies Edgar and Hans. Don’t tell them they’re little dogs, what they lack in size they make up for in spirit and speed and after an hour or so they leave my guy tired out…

or maybe this one of S at the playground by her house…she’s becoming a true mountain girl

or maybe this one, in full summer gear ready for a trip to the park by my house

gotta love those glasses.

Now off to do something crafty with these…

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It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for…

ok maybe not all of you, but definitely me and at least a few other wanna-be photographers and scrapbookers,

Pioneer Woman’s actions are now available for Photoshop Elements!

I’m so excited, I sometimes play with these on the full version of Photoshop I have at work, but only occasionally because a)using work computers for personal stuff is bad juju and b) it’s a pain to copy photos from one computer to another.  But now I can play to my heart’s content and not have one less reason to spend hundreds of dollars on the full version of photoshop.

For those of you not familiar with Pioneer Woman’s photography and well frankly general awesomeness you should spend some time on her blog.  It will have you longing to be even a fraction of her(but not the fraction that deals with the cattle).  But before you run away here’s a sneak peek at some of the actions at work.  I took one of my favorite photos from the ‘tutu shoot’ and played with the actions, here are the results…

PSE Action Samples from Pioneer Woman, click on image for a better view

A side note about the installation, at first glance it may seem a little daunting, but I promise you it’s not for PC users there’s even videos.  Only screenshots for us mac folks, perhaps that’s because the makers believe as I do that MAC users are generally more gifted and need less details.

cool right? so what are you waiting for? go get your actions now!

Happy Sunday!


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Wet Nose Wednesday

I heard this theme on the radio promoting dogs the need homes, not that this one does of course, but I thought is was the perfect title for this picture.  He’s a pretty camera shy pup, you’d think living with me he’d get past it, not so much.  Then for Christmas my lovely sister and her family got me a new zoom lens and it turns out it’s pretty handy for taking pictures of him from across the room and he doesn’t even realize it.

He’s currently staring longingly outside, he doesn’t seem to understand or care that it’s f’in cold out there and we won’t be taking any leisurely strolls this evening and weather people are correct not for several days to come, time to breakout the indoor toys and christmas treats.

Hope you’re warm in your neck of the woods…


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More Jessica Sprague Fun

The class ended today, and as usual, I’m a few days behind…which is better than months ala the ‘Stories in Hand’ class. Even better, I’m using the techniques and having fun with them.

First up a couple of different variations of this cute photo of Sienna, both apply a sepia color tone and frames. Easy peasey….

Next up, some colorization and applying texture and a frame, you can’t beat bare toes for a quintessential summer shot.
Finally, a technique I was so happy to learn and master… using layer masks to a pop of color on a black and white photo. Way easier that the old method of layers and erasers. A little edge burn and a quick frame on this one too.

Now I’m off to learn about storyboards, yay!


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