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Keeping Watch

He never used to be a furniture dog – that was really nice – but at some point in the last six months or so, he has discovered that this a perfect place for him to keep an eye on the neighborhood.  I think he may be making mental notes of all of the squirrel activities so he can plan his attack for when we go outside.

Looking at the photo of this layout, I can’t help but think it’s a perfect reminder of why I’m not a quilter, I can’t sew a straight line to save my life.  I don’t think it looks as bad in person, but then again…

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…the fabric of our lives (Repost)

don’t hate me if you get the cotton commercial stick in your head.  Color me lazy, but this is a copy of my monthly blog post on Tattered Angels. As you can see from the fabulous projects already posted the TA design team’s vision for fabric goes way beyond your basic cotton.  I love fabric, but as a challenged sewer I tend to stay away from buying it.  So, I was excited to have a reason to actually buy some this month and just play.

First up, a singed flower wreath.

Wish I could take total credit for this, but I was inspired by this post on Pinterest.  To make the flowers I misted silk like fabric with Turquoise Blue and Dragonfly mists for the blue flowers and yellow daisy for the others.

Here’s a close up of the flowers, they are super easy to make.  Just cut three circles and stick together with a brad.  Because of the polyester in the fabric a little heat-up with the embossing gun makes them go into more natural looking shapes.

A word of warning, if you’re taking on this project you’ll need twice as many flowers as you think you do.

With the leftover fabric from the wreath project I decided to make a scarf.  This is when you can really let your playful spirit fly.  I grabbed several blue mists (Dragonfly, Turquoise Blue, Jack Frost, Sapphire) and green mists(key lime, honey dew, meadow green, forest green) plus a couple of purples (Pomegranate and Sugar Plum Fairy) and went to town misting.

I love the way the colors blended together.

My last project for this month just might be my favorite. (ssh, don’t tell the others they might get jealous).  I love the look of vintage grain sack pillows.  I do NOT love the ridiculous prices for them or even their modern counterparts.  So I set out to make my own.

I admit I’m a little nervous to post this here, because I don’t really trust google translator.  I hope this translates to ‘The Happy Dog Studio’, if it doesn’t I hope one of our french speaking readers will send a correction and I’ll fix.  I started by creating a stencil with my Gypsy/Cricut tools.  I taped the stencil down to the canvas fabric and painted in with Autumn Nights mist,  I choose to paint instead of spray to keep the bleeding to a minimum. Once that was dry, I misted the whole piece with Vanilla Breeze to give it a slightly aged look. Finally, I trimmed it with blue ticking(?) and used the same stripe for the back of the pillow.  I can’t wait to make more.

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Every little girl needs…

a tutu of course.

so what’s a crafty aunt to do…make one, of course

I dusted off the sewing machine and set to work on some tulle, conveniently on sale at Hobby Lobby last week and with an early morning start and a naptime little miss S had a new skirt to play in after nap.

I underestimated her love for the skirt and that she wouldn’t take it off when we went to play outside, hence the crazy sweater, skirt and sneakers combo that she sported until bedtime…

I think the flower trim is my favorite part, my scrappy friends might recognize it as something similar to the new Dear Lizzy trim from American Crafts. I found this one at Hobby Lobby and had to hold myself back from buying it in every color.


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This Post Brought to You by the letter…

photo by Leo Reynolds via flickr: / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

S as in…
Saturday… check out the gorgeous fall weather we had a mere 4 days ago…

and now we have Snow, lots and lots of SNOW…you can barely make out the path Tanner and I took on the am walk near the bottom of the picture, snow was up to my knees.

Sew, Sienna and Surprise

Yes I surprised myself by actually finishing the dress I gave you a peek of last week, in time for her to wear it for awhile on Saturday. I gave up on the reversible part, we’ll save that for another day. Clearly it’s a little big, but we made it work.

Sorry, couldn’t find any forward facing shots that showed off the full dress. She’s staring off into the pasture where there were horses just a few minutes ago. We took the trail specifically to go on a horsie hunt, hoping to see some horses in their pastures or if we got really lucky, someone riding along. We got our wish, not only did we happen upon some horses in a pasture, but our timing was perfect, the owner of the horses we looked at came out to the field to halter a horse as we were standing by the fence and he brought the horses over. S was in shock! It’s one thing to see a horse in a book or out in the field, but standing right next to you is a whole other story.

Speaking of stories, here’s the picture of her telling the story in her own toddler-ese as we made our way back down the trail…

Off to make the most of snow day number 2, laundry is going, dishwasher running, maybe I’ll hit the scraproom.


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