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The Cure…

A little fun with my January Cocoa Daisy kit and a photo from my trip to South Beach last October.  I love living in Colorado, but there are some days I really  miss being near the ocean, there’s nothing quite like the soothing rhythm of the waves rolling in and out.

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Friday in NYC Part II

It’s amazing how fast life gets back to normal and suddenly one rent check is due and a lovely vacation seems like it was weeks ago.

I wanted to record the last part of the trip before I forget just about everything…

So after my jaunt through midtown I was reminded of  a valuable lesson in the difference between a local and an express train, get on the wrong one and you may find yourself, as I did, in Queens.  Not to worry, up a set of stairs, back down an other, a few minutes wait and I’m back in the right direction.  A quick stop in the hotel room to drop of my precious ribbon treasures and I headed off for a photo tour of Central Park.  If you read my post a couple of days ago you might remember it was freezing on Friday, so much so I kept checking my phone throughout the day thinking the tour would be canceled, it wasn’t canceled but I was the only one that showed up, still my guide and I took a jaunt through the park…Lora my guide is a pro photog so she had some great tips on taking photos and even encouraged me to get over my laziness and shoot in manual.  Here are a few of my favorite shots…

Even though it was cold, there wasn’t much snow, except in one section of the park where they were making snow…maybe for a movie, I loved the crystal look on the trees around the area.

After the park it was finally time for some fun with my sister.  We headed to the Theatre District.  First stop the Gershwin Theatre to see if there were tickets available for a little show you might have heard of:

We didn’t have high hopes, it was 6 o’clock on a Friday night and we were hoping for the show at 8. But the musical theatre gods were with use and my lovely sister treated me to the show —- yep I’m a lucky girl— We grabbed a quick bite at our favorite family Italian restaurant Trattoria Trecolori in the theatre district.  This place is seriously good, we found it on our last trip and it was our first stop on Wednesday and again on Friday.  Yep that good. Then back to the theatre for the show. A-MAZ-ING! is the only way to describe the show.  If the national tour comes to your town you must see this show, to see it on Broadway was beyond description.  A great way to end the trip!

Now time to start saving for the next trip!


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Home Again, Home Again

It seems just as soon as we took off for NYC, we were turning around and coming home again.  C’est la vie. Before life picks back up to full speed I thought I’d spend a little time recording the past couple of days (much more appealing than the needed trips to the grocery store, laundry,etc)

Day 2 — Friday Part I

According to the folks in the shops this was the coldest day of the year so far.  midteens with a windchill of something awful, but I didn’t let that deter me from the missions of the day, I put on nearly everything in my suitcase and headed out the door looking like the Marshmallow man’s girl friend(and since I don’t really need help in that area you can imagine what a fun site I was). First off to midtown with a visit to Mood Fabrics and a couple of crafty stops a couple of SC girls recommended.

As if the subway ride wasn’t enough to remind you are in New York, coming up from the trains at Penn Station you come upon this…

the Empire State Building and the Macy’s mother ship. First stop Macy’s for a hat that completely covers my ears (I came home to find my hat and gloves in between the seat and door of my sister’s car, I bought cheapy gloves and a cute but not as warm as needed hat at H&M on the first night) and they were completely sold out. Yes friends —sold out— that’s how cold it was. So I pulled down the hat I had as far as it would go, put up my collar on my trench coat and wrapped my scarf around.  I may be the one person who leave New York less fashionable than when I arrived. If only Clinton and Stacy were there to catch that look, surely they would have handed me the Visa Card and whisked me right back in to Macy’s to find a better choice. Alas they were no where to be found so I carried on with my plans for the day.

Then it was up 6th Ave to Tinsel Trading (5th ave & 37th), oh my! You know how the Bible talks about how God has prepared rooms for each of us, well Tinsel Trading comes pretty close to what mine might look like.

walls of ribbons and trims of all sizes and textures…silk, brocade, velvet…lace, pompom, ropes, you name it they probably have it.  Along the other wall — flowers of various textiles: silk, satin, twill, beads sorted and organized by color.

And in the middle, vintage buttons, beads, ribbons and etc. I came upon this vintage ribbon and fell in love. Thank god I was alone and felt no guilt as I wandered up and down the aisles.

even at *gasp* $26/yard I had to have it.  I have no clue what I’m going to do with it other than put it on display in my craft room some way.  These are ribbon and trim lovers so when I nearly cried over the ribbon they got me and when I nearly cried as I handed over my credit card for much more than I planned — well they got that too.

I stopped in a few more trim stores along the route, but they weren’t quite the same, even though one might possibly have had even more stuff, the vibe was off and well my pocket book was empty. I still never found Mood fabrics, even though I walked along 37th Ave from 5th to 9th Ave. The jaunt was rewarded in a different way when I turned the corner and remembered that B&H Photo was just another couple of blocks down.

BONUS! B&H was a must see place on my trip last year than never happened, they closed for an assortment of Jewish Holidays during that trip.  This place is really something to see — if you’ve ever visited their website or looked through the catalog or even the pages and pages of the adverts in the back of photography mags you can kind of imagine, but even those don’t do the real life version justice.  It was crazy and overwhelming and sadly the lens I was hoping might work for my cam does not autofocus.  So the next version is $4o0.  Something else to save for…

And this was just the morning and you’ve probably wasted part of your morning or afternoon reading this, so I’ll save the afternoon for the next entry.


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Greetings from New York!

First a note to would be burglars: I was a little nervous about posting that I was away, just in case one of the twelve of you who read this are burglars and would go into my home, but then I realized there isn’t much for you to grab…perhaps a TV and that would make me sad, but my trusty mac, camera, etc are all with me so unless you have a hankering for craft supplies there’s no reason to go to my place.

And now back to our regularly scheduled program…

Well not quite regular, I am in New York City after all and it’s about as far away from my regular world can be.  It’s hard not to feel alive here, I sometimes I wish I felt like this at home more often.  I’m sure it’s draining riding in the subways, being jostled and judged, feeling the cold wind blast you day after day, but for this one day or the few days I’m here it’s a good feeling.  So what am I doing inside the hotel room blogging instead of out there experiencing it all…well my dear sister decided to take an extended certification at the last minute so I’m hanging out an extra couple of hours waiting for her.  Not to bad, it’s giving my footsies a chance to recover from a day of pounding the pavement.

Today I made good on my promise to myself to get to know a new area of town.  I recruited a little help from the Foods of New York tour company and headed down to Greenwich Village for a day of exploring and eating.

Caution from this point on this post is pretty photo heavy, totally ok to bail at this point, no really it won’t hurt my feelings, glad you came in the first place.

Here’s the thing about New York…sometimes at least for me it’s hard to tell the good from the bad. Example Joe’s Pizzaoutside and inside average if not nearing the edge of run-down looking, but the pizza oh my!  this is real pizza kids no fancy toppings, cheese and pepperoni by the slice, to die for, were it not the first stop on our little journey I would have eaten 3 more slices.

Next it was on to Faicco’s Pork Store,  yes Pork store,  chops, bacon, handmade sausage you name it if it comes from the pig they have it, plus a great supply of cheeses and prepared food.  Here we had rice balls, yes friends, I ate rice— but only because it was mixed with about 5 different creamy cheeses and then deep fried.Faiccos is the far left and this picture is really about the 3 federal row houses that have been around since 1860 or so.  In the middle is Aphrodisia a small lovely spice shop that is sadly closing it’s doors due to a rent hike after 40 years, the smells as you can imagine were amazing!

Down another street we passed Po Mario Batali restaurant before he became the mega-star chef he is now, walked into a jazz club for a little history on the beatnik culture, walked past a former carriage house where a trust fund kid was ripping out the foundation to put a swimming pool and other renovations to the tune of $32 million bucks.  Apparently he’s not suffering from the poor economy.

Then it was on to Palma where we were welcomed past the main restaurant through the garden and into the private dining area housed in a gorgeous home, and had a conversation with Walter the chef(walter who has traveled everywhere and worked in um — the white house! talk about chef cred—). Sorry just a pic of the board here, the feeling was so intimate, I didn’t think it was appropriate to take photos.

We ate this most amazing cauliflower dish, already I’m a fan of cauliflower it’s in my top 3 veggies, but this dish was in a whole different dimension from your everyday cauliflower.  I think I will have to try the recipe (as much as he would divulge when I get home) it was a lovely mix of cauliflower, pine nuts, currents and with a little flavor of caramelized onion mixed in. I loved it so much we’re headed back for dinner tonight.

Then it was on to Soy and Sake, a completely vegetarian asian place, where many meat-like things like this chinese pork and wonton were made out of gluten to look and ‘taste’ like meat.  Those of you who know me well can guess this was not my favorite spot on the tour.

Next up Milk and Cookies…seriously could there be(go ahead say with your ‘Chandler voice) a better name for a pastry shop that specializes in cookies.  Their choc chip is pretty darn good, right up there with Heather’s (sorry girl, but they were good)

Then we went for a little tour in the residential area…speaking of Chandler, if you stay up late at night and watch friends reruns like I do to try and fall asleep than this building might look familiar.

or you have 13.2 or so million doors and want to buy a home with some history, perhaps you might pick up this little gem from Tom and Gisellethen it was on to gelato and then some cheese from the cheese mecca ‘Murray’s Cheeses’

This is just the family of blue cheeses, there were 6 or 7 more cases just like this.We rounded out the tour with cannoli, yum. No pics because my hands were to full of yummy goodness.

Are you still here? Give yourself a gold star!


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I had great intentions of spending my week updating the blog and working on other inside stuff, assuming it would be typical Alaskan summer weather and rain for the majority of our trip, instead something quite miraculous happened…7 days of near cloudless skies and warm(hot by Alaskan standards) temps.

I spent as much time outside as possible and in the land of the midnight sun(photo above is Denali aka Mt. McKinley around midnight) that’s a lot of time…on the boat, in a lounge chair, even on the grass playing with S. No wifi, no cell reception, just the sounds of the wind, water fowl, voices of family and a few books to fill the time made for the perfect break.

It’s hard to adjust back into a life where I actually need to do something, I’m trying to look a the bright side and be thankful I have a job and a life that affords such luxuries as a week away doing nothing but reading…trying really hard. I have a few (ok, 190 or so) pics and a rosy tan from the week to remind me of days left behind.

Here are a couple of my favorites…

Hope your summer is going well, hard to believe it’s July already.


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10 on Tuesday

So, I’ve sorted through my 200 or so photos from the 4 days in NYC and tried to pick my top 10 to share here.
1. The Chrysler Building

2. 6th Ave. by Rockefeller Center, love the vibrancy of the traffic and thankful I don’t have to drive in it.

3. Looking up at the Empire State Building from Bryant Park

4. The heart of the Garment District

5. Radio City at night

6. Central Park and midtown skyline from the roof of the Metro. Museum of Art

7. Jeff Koons’ ‘Balloon Dog’ also on the roof of the Met.

8. Taxis lined up on 5th Ave.

9. Central Park

10. Times Square


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10 on Tuesday

I decided to tag along with Shelley on a business trip to NYC in a couple of weeks. Here’s what’s on the agenda so far

1. Sleep in…hooray for comfy hotel beds
2. Visit the MET
3. Visit the museum at FIT
4. Visit the MOMA
5. Drool over lenses in person at B&H Photo
6. Take the Sex and The City tour (cheesy I know)
7. Take in a Broadway musical
8. Enjoy the fall colors in Central Park
9. Window shop in the High End shops on 5th Ave.
10. Get lost in Macys

Any tips for a fall trip?


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