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Art Journal Friday

A few weeks ago I was working on some training for work and came across this video – which had nothing to do with what I was looking for really – but I found it inspiring.

Since then fractal circles have found their way into lots of doodle work. Here’s my favorite piece from my art journal.

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And just like that…

the first week of 2011 is done and we’re moving on.

How are those resolutions doing?  Going down the One Little Word route instead?  Either way I hope you are successful in your endeavors.  I have a couple of small things and one really BIG thing this year to conquer.

One of the small ones — put my layouts safely AWAY — not just in a stack on a shelf.  Here’s what the stack looked like on New Year’s Day

I’m happy to report that all of these gems are in page protectors and on their way to an album, I’m sure you’re not shocked to learn that these didn’t fit in an album.  Can I just say how much I hate to buy albums?  There’s so many choices and well let’s face it for the money you can buy LOTS of other lovely things.

The BIG thing is being a whole and healthy human.  In the past 4 months I have lost 45 pounds — and have many more to go.  Have no fear my crafty friends this will not ever be a diet blog.  I just felt the need to share and reach out to those that might be struggling like I was.  It just starts with small steps and before you now it you’re at the front of the Zumba class and your workout clothes are the first thing to go in the laundry each week.  I just read a great article that now has a corresponding website — great points on why the battle is so tough.  Check it out if you need a little motivation:  Being healthy is a revolutionary act.

Sorry I don’t have anything more crafty to share, but come back on Friday for the reveal of my monthly Tattered Angels projects.  I am so in love with one of them…

In the meantime,  here’s a little more fun from New Year’s Eve, created by lead man Sean Kelly — if you look carefully you’ll see me smiling like a teenager.




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Happy New Year!

I for one am not sad to see 2010 be one its way and for the new year to begin. So much so I made a page about it earlier in the week.

For the first time in a long time, I am excited about things to come. I’m looking forward being healthier, actually enjoying exercise (Zumba anyone?), finding out what’s in store for me in so many ways.  Hopefully that will result in more blogging of creative endeavors –or not.

And as much as I’m excited about new things, I am thankful(no matter how painful they may be) to the past experiences that brought me to this place…and mindful that the more things change, the more they stay the same…or something like that.  Take my love of The Samples.  First discovered these guys as a lonely freshman in the CU dorms oh so many years ago…and although most of the band has changed the music is still solid and puts me in a special place.  So it was only fitting that I start this new year with a trip down memory lane, spending the night at a Samples concert.  Back then I would have given anything to get as close to the stage as we were last night…I guess it’s true ‘good things do come to those that wait’.

For my fellow Samples lovers a little snippet from last night’s show…and my fav Samples song of all time.


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All the wrinkle ladies

perhaps the best “Single Ladies” Parody yet


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Happy Birthday!

before there was bejeweled blitz

before there was farmville

before the Mario brothers tried to save the princess

and donkey kong did what ever donkey kong does

and before tetris

there was this

Happy Birthday Pac-Man

and kudos to the kids @ google for recognizing this special day

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oh my butterflies

curse Jennifer McGuire and her evil enabling ways. Now, before you get your fuss on, I am NOT saying she’s evil, because she’s so not… but darn if every time she posts a video my savings account takes a hit.

So much so that I stopped reading her blog on a daily basis — too much damage, and after some time I thought I had developed some willpower.  I was wrong.

Not mere moments after linking up her you tube channel on a thread on the SC message board about using distress inks, I sat down and start watching and before long I was in the car and driving to archivers for a stamp set.

So what was the video that broke me down — Jen using her copics in a speedy way.  I could blame it on the fact that my copics have sat unused for a couple of months and if you know copics you know that’s a serious investment to not use.  As I hit play I thought it’s ok, I won’t need the stamps I have plenty of stamps, I will be strong.

I will be strong

oh no butterflies…

I need more butterflies(um, no) and away I went…

and home I came with…

and  coloring I did and before long my desk was covered with beautiful colorful butterflies…

some I covered with a think coat of glossy accents and others with liquid pearls — oh so pretty.  Now I just need to put them to work on some projects.

Come back tomorrow to see where they land.


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Olympic Spirit

I have so loved watching the Olympics this year…even the nationalistic approach of NBC isn’t on my nerves as much as in years past.  I can’t even begin to understand how much dedication and heart it takes to compete at such a level.

This year I’ve laughed(at the silliness of Bob Costas arriving by float plane, seriously), cheered, shaken my head in awe at snowboarders on the half pipe, and  thanks to NBC and the set up of Dan Jansen before the Canadian skater last night cried my little heart out.

This year it has really hit home that the difference between gold, silver and even 4th place is often mere fraction of second.  It’s such a testament to being in it to do your personal best, since no one can really predict that you own slight turn of a ski will result in losing those precious millisecond.

On the way home I heard this little bit on the radio, that had my laughing over Jerry Sienfeld’s take on the silver medal


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Ode to Border Punches Redeux

I’ve had an idea for a series of tutorials floating around in my head the past couple of days…

and while this post is not part of the series, I still have much thinking and planning to do, I did think about the one tutorial I did about 6 months ago for Kraft Girl Kits(now closed 😦 )

I pulled up to get a feel for what to do differently…lighting, camera angle, avoid cheesy intro, perhaps even use this as an excuse to get a manicure.  Since it was up I thought heck why not repost on the blog now that a few more people come to read…

So here goes…my first tutorial video all about getting the most out of your border punches by making paper lace


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Behold the powers of the universe

aka follow the signs

so a couple of weeks ago I was watching the beautiful and fabulous Alicia Keys perform this song on SNL

(note this is not the SNL version, but it’s just as good if not better and it is Thursday after all)

and I thought to myself, huh…

New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of
There's nothing you can't do
Now you're in New York
These streets will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you
Hear it for New York, New York, New York

that’s exactly how I feel when I’m in New York, I need to use these lyrics on a scrapbook page with one of my photos.

So I sat down and the page didn’t come together quite like I had in my head. The original plan was just to mist the title, but it didn’t work out so I thought I’d just keep going crazy and cover the whole sheet and use it for another project, once it dried I decided I liked it but wasn’t worthy of the lyrics.

as I created it I found myself remembering the great trips I’ve had there 3 in the last decade.  And counted myself blessed and lucky to have had those opportunities.

The next day I was checking my work gmail and a link to this NY Times article: 36 Hours in New York Again I thought that’s cool, added to my handy dandy google notebook for the next trip whenever that maybe…

Then the next day, I came home to find an email from my dear sister —

'have to go to NYC for certification class at the end of the month,
do you want to go with?'

Seriously! Tickets booked the next day and now I’m counting the days.

These are the moments I believe there is a greater power in the universe at play and I am thankful to be along for the ride.


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Video Thursday

Where was this machine when I was in college? Heck our snack machine at work is out of order I think maybe it should be replaced by this one.

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