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Three cheers for happy accidents…

I swear this is straighter in real life, at least I hope so.

This is one of those pages that came about as a happy accident.  If you were paying close attention to my peek post earlier this week, you might have noticed it in the collage.   Something was missing at that point.  When in doubt break out the mist, I admit even for me it takes a big batch of confidence to mist on a completed layout…but I decided to try anyway.  Oops, the first try didn’t quite work out how I planned.  I thought I was going to have to start all over and in frustration ripped the top half of the layout off.  And then it hit me I can just mist a separate piece and stick it behind.  Love that the torn edge gives a snowy look to the layout.  Ta-Da!


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Good News, Bad News

I think I’ve written this post in my head about 50 times between last week and now when I’m finally getting around to posting.  If only I could have some sort of neuro to computer transmitting device this blog would get updated more regularly and no doubt the content would be quite humorous and maybe a little scary.

Things I’ve thinking about and just may show up at some point

* While I’m happy the robins have returned, I’m pretty pissed that one in particular decided that the tree right outside by bedroom would be his morning song perch and that this particular robin thinks 4:30 am is the appropriate time for a song and social networking

* At Easter, someone suggested my brother in law become a teacher because he’s good with kids and “it’s a cush job” and then turns to me and says ‘no offense’.  Well OFFENSE taken anyway. And he wonders why I call him Mike instead of dad, and only talk to him when my sister ambushes me.

* My aha moment about hoarding collecting of scrapbook supplies, I think I’m going to wait a bit to see if the ‘aha’ turns into long term change

The original plan for this week was going to be a pity party/rejection series for the layouts I sent to f&w for an upcoming Memory Makers Idea book.  Given my history of rejection I was pretty sure I was safe, but then…

At the last minute(ok 2:30 but they’re on the east coast) of notification day I got word that they wanted a layout — but the original email didn’t say which one.  STRANGE. I spent the weekend fretting what if they pick the one where I used a sears portrait, totally forgetting I would need to have authorization to print the photo.

Yesterday I got an email with more specifics — they chose 3 layouts and not the one I fretted about phew! So excited as this will be the first publication of my scrapbook work.  Sadly I can’t share the layouts they chose, you’ll have to wait for the book to come out.  But we can now have a pity party for the layouts that didn’t get chosen.

Of the 7 I sent this layout was tied in my head as a favorite, they chose the other favorite, maybe they’re afraid and rightly so that the banner craze will be over by the time the book comes out…

Studio Calico Kit: Whodunit Patterned Paper: AC, Alpha: Basic Grey, Embellishments: Maya Pins, Jenni Bowlin journal sticker


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Going on a Horsie Hunt

going on a horsie hunt
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You know sometimes it’s the simplest pages and pictures that make me smile. This one tells the story about a stroll S and I took along the Highline Canal in October. Our mission was to find some horses and we met a couple of beautiful creatures as we enjoyed a fabulous fall day. I knew as soon as I saw the red and brown papers from Jenni Bowlin they would be perfect for this page. So happy with the way it turned out. Now if only I could get my hands on some more of these corrugated letters from Jillibean, yes I know I have a paper crimper and could make them myself, but where’s the fun in that?

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Kraft Girls Kits — Reveal Day!

I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface with this kit, can’t wait to get deeper in throughout the month…

I know if Sienna wasn’t on this page, you might wonder if it was really a Christyn creation…I’m in the midst of a mist addiction (cheesy I know, but I couldn’t resist the word play). Until this layout the mist had been contained to chipboard and flowers, but Houston challenged me to spray a whole layout and so I did, plus a little misted bubble wrap ala Rhonda.

This layout is all about ‘mr. man’s’ visit to the vet after he caused a fight at doggie daycare. The report card is one of 6 that combine to make one super fun piece of paper.

I love so many things about this picture, it needed a special layout. I ‘borrowed’ Rhonda’s idea and made flowers with the text paper from Jenni Bowlin included in this kit.

Finally one with a cute picture of my dad and Sienna ‘driving the boat’, I love the grin on his face.


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