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Keeping Watch

He never used to be a furniture dog – that was really nice – but at some point in the last six months or so, he has discovered that this a perfect place for him to keep an eye on the neighborhood.  I think he may be making mental notes of all of the squirrel activities so he can plan his attack for when we go outside.

Looking at the photo of this layout, I can’t help but think it’s a perfect reminder of why I’m not a quilter, I can’t sew a straight line to save my life.  I don’t think it looks as bad in person, but then again…

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Mercury In Retrograde?

New in my world – a volunteer project.  Every Saturday morning I head out to Zuma’s Ranch and spend two and half hours with this lovely creature

and an equally lovely little girl.  Together we bold over all things girly and horsey.  Such a good fit for my life right now.  One section of the session is about setting goals for the next week, knowing I’ve neglected this little blog for far too long, I set my goal to blog this week and is luck would have it I have a few layouts to share.

It’s no secret I love a good breakfast out and Snooze is my favorite place – lucky for me my sister has fallen in love with their hashbrowns so she makes the drive once a month or so and we have a great time together.

Here’s a quick layout to celebrate the simple tradition

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The Big Book

landed on my doorstep – no not the yellow pages thank goodness — this Big Book

It seems so long ago I sent my pages off to the folks at F&W and this was the first time anything got picked up so it was very exciting, then life got in the way and I kind of forgot about it until the box showed up.  So pleased to be among so many, many fabulous other pages and designers. If you’re looking for a little boost or inspiration it’s in here, every page has two or three awesome layouts.

On page 91 you’ll find this

on page 162 you’ll see this

and finally this beauty appears on page 211


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Off to Paris

I wish, in the meantime I did get to play with some Parisian inspired items thanks to Tattered Angels and Pink Paislee. If you follow the Tattered Angels blog (of course you do right? if not no time like the present to start) then you have already seen some of these projects, but here in my blog land you get a bonus feature- an extra layout

Up first a layout about my love for small vintage things – curio boxes, alarm clocks, apothecary jars, handkerchiefs from my grandmother.  Many of this items hang out on a small side table in my bedroom – I call it the table of pretties.

It’s a little hard to tell from the picture but the lace is also misted with Cherub Pink — the perfect soft touch.  So you know that glimmer glam is a fabulous paint full of glimmery goodness, but did you know that you can also use it as a fabric stiffener? The bow on this page looks so perfect because it’s hardened to be so.  Just apply the glam to any fabric – shape and let dry – voila!

Up next a party page – nothing better than turning 3 and getting a box full of princess barbies.

I used the mono-print technique with the butterfly screen, some shipping tags and Turquoise Blue and Cherub Pink.

Have you seen all of the beautiful butterfly wreathes popping up on Pinterst?  I couldn’t help myself, I just had to make one.

I used the Slice to cut the butterflies and then misted them with turquoise blue and mustard seed, these two combine to make a great green too. I spray painted a grapevine wreath with white and then used floral wire to adhere.  That’s another tip – buy the wire by the floral section – not beading – same stuff but cheaper and comes with a built in cutter in flowers – silly!

One of my favorite mist techniques is using the background/leftover page that I have sprayed on top of.  This time I set out with intention and temporarily adhered the butterflies to another piece of paper to make this last layout

It was awfully kind and smart of Pink Paislee and the House of 3 folks to make a resist grid paper so I could get my butterflies to line up perfect.  Once the background was dry I did a little paper quilting.  Ribbon is actually athletic tape misted with Dragonfly mist.

There you have it – be sure to pop over to the Tattered Angels Blog and check out what the rest of the team did this month – really fabulous creations.  I think we are all happy to be in our paper and mist comfort zone.

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{Insert Something Witty Here}

Sorry kids, a cold has taken over my brain and can’t seem to formulate anything to write in this post, but I do have a quick layout to share.

Thanks to Ronda who let me come play and watch as she works her way through great projects for her upcoming book,  I actually scrapped some photos I printed out oh a month or so ago.  I think one of my favorite things about scrapbooking is pulling out summer photos on a cold and wintery day and reminding ourselves the sun will shine again…someday.

Since a layout doesn’t seem to be complete these days without a little shimmer and glimmer, I decided to paint the Studio Calico tree paper with some Sugar Cane glimmer glaze and added some highlights and splotches with  Espresso Bean and Tutu Pink Glimmer Glam.

Hope your week is fabulous!


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Help Me Ronda

disclaimer: family this is not an SOS call for our lovely and fabulous sister Rhonda, if so I would spell correctly

I believe that everyone in our life is there for some reason or purpose and I know the ‘Big Girl in the Sky‘ put the lovely Ronda Palazzari in mine for pure inspiration and encouragement.  Slowly but surely, after each scrappy time together a little of Ronda rubs off on me and my pages get better.  Here are a couple that definitely have that Ronda feel.

Patterned Paper: Crate, Sassafrass, My Mind's Eye; Bling: Prima; Ribbon: AC; Chipboard: Maya Road; Tape: Pink Paislee

I was lucky enough to have Ronda right next to me as I was working on the one above, it was almost done just a little something — more bling and some loopies.

and this one I just finished yesterday, Ronda is the queen of paint and mixed media.  Her’s always turns out looking perfect, mine not so much…but luckily for me along comes a tutorial on the SC Blog by Jenn O on turning splotches into digital brushes.  Jenn posted her samples on her blog to the share with the world and I am ever so grateful.

Patterned Paper: Crate Paper, Studio Calico; Tape: Pink Paislee; Digiart: Jennifer Olson; Mist:Tattered Angels

the purple block, the darker blue splotches and the grey circles are all digital art. I sprayed a little glimmer mist on top for some contrast and a little something else.  I think I’ve mentioned before that Ronda is responsible for my obsession with this wonderful product.  Before meeting Ronda I think I had 3 bottles (and one was a sample from CHA) and now, well thank goodness for Tattered Angel’s fairies and Archiver’s coupons because the bottle count is probably close to 20.

Another fun note about this layout even though you can’t really tell from the photo, the purple strips at the top and bottom as well as the tape holding pick and ticket are actually the same PP tape.  You can sand the pink paislee tape and a little of the design will show through — so fun


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if you’ve ever been a preschool teacher or been subjected to long hours of children’s television you may get a song stuck in your head after viewing this layout.

Totally not my fault…and if you have no idea what I’m talking about, well consider yourself lucky.

My SIL sent me some pictures of my cutie nephew Connor to help with putting together a scrapbook of his first year. He’s 3 now and a sibling is on the way so it’s time to get crackin’.

This may have been my favorite in the bunch…

Studio Calico Kits: Yearbook/Marketplace; Patterned Paper: Cosmo, October Afternoon; Alphas: Basic Grey; Date sticker: October Afternoons


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Project 12 March

I’m a bit behind — good thing I’m not in this challenge for the prizes. Although this month’s prize were packs of Thickers and if ever there was a prize that was worthy of a deadline that might be it. Too bad I didn’t remember that before I went back now to grab the link.

I used a Studio Calico sketch from last week, so behind on that too, although not as behind as normal on the sketches.  You know I’ve never met a sketch that I didn’t love.  Takes the mental work out for me and frees the creativity.

I’d say this one turned out more of a direct lift than use of a sketch and that’s because the original was just so awesome there wasn’t much more I could add.

So here’s my take:

Supplies: Studio Calico Kit-Joyland; Patterned Papers: Crate Paper, MME, Sassafrass, BG; Cardstock: Bazzil, Coredinations; Alphas: Jillibean Soup, BG; Embellies:Pink Paislee, AC, MME

I love the pleated twill ribbon from pink paislee, I decided to cut it down the middle so I could make the most of it.  I used one half for the flower

and the other half as part of the title along with an AC flower.

Maybe I should get started on April now so I know I’ll meet the deadline — just in case Thickers are on the table again.


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Welcome to Monday

a new week…the sun is shinning, birds are chirping(both start to dang early in the morning if I’m being honest)  I should be raring to go, but instead I’m feeling icky and really really warm.  hmm could it be the flu I’ve so carefully avoided all winter has snuck up on me now?  I suppose only time will tell.  In the meantime I’m going to try to go through the regular routine

like mamma always says “Fake it til’ you make it‘.  Ok, so maybe my mom doesn’t say that but surely someone’s did and that was one smart mamma.

It was a great weekend, I spent Saturday scrapping with the most talented group of crafters, seriously the list of design teams, pubs and accolades for this group is probably a mile long. So, so glad I stepped out of my sheltered box and went to a similar group oh those many years ago.  The group continues to grow and change, but the talent never stops.  Check out the amazing Liz Qualman’s blog for a better recap and photos.

I came home with 3 finished layouts and once I get them photographed and posted there will be no doubt who I was sitting next to and what can I say, some of her style rubbed of on me, as it does every time we’re together.

Yesterday was a chore day, which I decided to pretty much ignore in favor of sitting on the porch and reading an entertaining book, Bulletproof Mascara, about a clandestine organization determined to make to world a better place for women around the world under cover of a cosmetics company. I’ll never think of Mary Kay makeup in the same way again.

Speaking of reading that brings me to the layout for the day, you didn’t think I’d have you read all this and not have something crafty to share, did you? Ok maybe you did since I do have a history of rambling, but not this time.

Love this picture of my nephew Connor ‘reading’ , a great reminder that a love for reading starts at a young age.

What was the last book you read? Feel free to share even the cheesiest of romances, because well, I’ve probably read them too, unless they’re historical or involve vampires, I just can’t go there with you, but I won’t judge, I promise.  How could I, I just read something called Bulletproof Mascara.

Happy Monday.


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Pity Party Part II

I have another unloved layout to share with you, but first a little AI vent (I tried really hard to write this without spoiling it for my DVR friends, but if you’re a purist or an AI hater you might want to skip ahead…)

I swear this was the year I was going to give up watching this show, every year some one I love goes home long before their time.  I didn’t watch the auditions or much of Hollywood week, but I tuned into the first real show and I saw these seriously talented ‘kids’

and one of these two was in the bottom two…WRONG! I wasn’t really happy about the other person in the bottom 2 either as he would make up my preferred Top 5.

SO who should go, well just about any of the others, I haven’t bothered to learn their names instead I made up nicknames. In order of how I’d like them to go…

1. Lost Jonas Brother

2. Pretentious Girl

3. The youngin’

4. Weird Girl

5. Paula Abdul dude (ok I have learned his name)

Thank goodness for new rules…

Ok now back to the regularly scheduled programming, another layout unloved by Memory Makers

I loved the grey and pink combo, you can’t really tell from the photo but the letters are actually misted with some pink glimmer mist for a soft shade of glittery pink and some spritzes of mist other places.


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